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Russell Armstrong

The Gruesome Coroner's Report

9/7/2011 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a copy of the L.A. County Coroner's report ... describing the scene when Russell Armstrong's body was discovered on August 17 ... and it is extremely graphic.


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nothing "gruesome" here... typical scientific, respectful exam and report. describing objective findings isn't "gruesome", it's work that just has to be done.
seems MOST people can't deal with the human body objectively, because they have RARELY personally observed the processes of life or death, ever. this report is NOT gruesome - it is professional and true. if one can't handle "bare facts" without the typical emotional 'comforts' (e.g., "makeup" on and "flesh toned fluids" pumped in a corpse for a "funeral") then don't read it. calling this report "gruesome" reflects highly on the very in-experienced persons reading it, not the actual report itself.

1085 days ago


Jeez, people, okay it isn't "gruesome" or "extremely graphic" in the way we have been desensitized and come to expect. Whatever. It's not pleasant, though, reading this about a man that was alive and kicking and (grudgingly, for me at least) a public figure. It's just weird being able to visualize him because we know what he looks like. I still find it a bit gross.

On a completely different note, this definitely makes me want to take better care of myself! Need to start working out more that's for damn sure. Yikes, the descriptions and invasiveness is just creepy. Necessary, but creepy. Hope I don't die in an unusual fashion that's all I can say!

1085 days ago


First it says the cord was wrapped around his neck twice & then it stated it was wrapped around his neck 3 times. i call bs on the report

1085 days ago


A couple of things I find weird from the witness statements. The roommate began to receive calls on Sunday from friends concerned about Armstrongs whereabouts and yet it would not be until Monday at 8:00PM when the roommate would check the bedroom. Why the delay? Is the roommate the unnamed business partner who would commit suicide a few days later? Also the witness statements make no mention of the fact that the wife and daughter were at the house (as heard on the 9/11 call). Why no mention of the wife being present and how did the estranged wife arrive on scene before EMS?

1085 days ago


This may sound mean but I'm just going to come out and say it. I think Shana deserved to be beat. There were several occasions on the show where she made an ass out of herself and embarrassed Russell. She wanted everything her way and would play the victim/martyr role to the hilt. She acted so miserable towards Russell on the show and expressed her dissatisfaction with him and their marriage to anyone who would listen. Then she would turn around and do something completely off the wall like the cotton candy scene at the dinner party that made everyone cringe.

Yes, she was smacked around, but what lead up to it? The way she blows through money makes me wonder if she put such a strain on their finances that it lead Russell to strike her. She must have given him some reason to be mad. I found her to be a self obsessed, flirtatious, lying twit on the show and I don't feel the least bit sorry for her if she got a few backhands to the face.

1085 days ago


Sorry the guy is dead. My sympathy to his family and friends. I hope he is in a better place. I'm sorry.

1085 days ago


Pg. 10: "both testes are in the scrotum and are unremarkable" LOL :D

1085 days ago


Could anybody tall me why there were abrasions and apparent bruising on the body?? Is that consistent with a self inflicted hanging?? just wondering..

1085 days ago

Holly G    

So it's suicide but what is with the cuts and bruises on his body? I'm just not 100% sure he killed himself. Does anyone else find it odd that some other guy killed himself 24 hours later in a similar fashion that was connected to him?

1085 days ago


You guys really shouldn't post this stuff. It should remain private. My wife looked at it and cried over it. Have some decency guys. Now there are people making comments about Russel Armstrong that shouldn't be made.

1085 days ago


What a way to go...

1085 days ago

There's a problem here    

Ummm ... That's nowhere near as "graphic" as some hangings are. He died pretty for a hanging. It still sucks that you chose to print that, though.

1085 days ago


didn't click on to the coroner's report either. but did see russells sister on a tv show last night and said the family had hired a private investigator concerning his suicide. there were cuts and abrasions ,bruising on his body,no drugs or alcohol in his system and the fact his business partner also found dead with gun shot not far from where russell was found and within a few hours of each other,and that neither left a suicide note.who knows until we get more facts i'm not sure about suicide or until i have more facts that he beat taylor. i'm giving the family the benefit of doubt and supporting the children.

1085 days ago


This is going too far. The public doesn't need to know this level of detail. Totally inappropriate and disrespectful.

1085 days ago

Yolanda Garcia-Berdecia    

I knew a man who, in my opinion, he made a suicide. 2 days before he took his life, he was very happy. Before that, he was very depressed and tired all the time. He loved cars. He had a car that was for racing. On a Saturday very early, he was riding very fast and went into a building wall.

1085 days ago
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