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Rachel Uchitel to NY Post

Cough Up the Video!

9/8/2011 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel's lawyer is demanding that the New York Post turn over video of the interview the New York Post shot with Rachel Uchitel.

Daniel Horowitz tells TMZ ... the entire interview -- in which Rachel talks about her fiance who was killed during the 9/11 attack -- was videotaped. 

The New York Post's Page Six Magazine ran a lengthy story today, in which Rachel is quoted as saying, "I believe Andy was meant to die because he was too good.  It would have been tragic if we got into fights and then divorced ... I'm glad I didn't get to see any flaws that time brings on everyone.  I would [otherwise] be a fat housewife with three kids living in Sands Point, Long Island."

Horowitz claims the video will show the Post took her statements out of context and it was designed as a hit piece.

Horowitz and Rachel say they are now "seriously considering" suing the Post.


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If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Yah. They'll cough it right up. Mm hm.

Jeez she looks more used than a Jersey shore boardwalk. Her & Gene Simmons look separated at birth.

1149 days ago


her face and personality really shows you how f---ed up men are to want to bang that when you have erin at home. tiger needs therapy just for wanting to tap that-gross

1149 days ago


So much hate. This girl has paid for anything wrong that you think she committed. She has paid twice over. Forgive and let the girl live without all thi*****e directed at her.
Remember what goes around, comes around. Any of you without sin cast the first stone.

1149 days ago


I would like to sue The Post for bringing her back into the public view again. What has she done to deserve any attention? She lost her fiance on 911 and subsequently slept with every man with $$ regardless of their marital status. She has done everything she can to stretch her 15 minutes of infamy when there is nothing more there.

1149 days ago


this bird has never looked happy in any photo i've seen of her. I'd work on that before any self righteous litigation.

1149 days ago


Damn she's ugly. Looks like Pete Burns from Dead or Alive, not the old one, but the new drag queen look.

ugh. I wonder if she ever has kids, they sure as hell won't look like her, with all that work on her face.

1149 days ago


so Horowitz is attracted to gold diggers?
maybe subconsciously Horowitz want to
forget guilt about
Pamela Vitale a good christian woman
thinking that all women are like Oksa and Rachel

Rachel Uchitel’s Fame Whore Ways Cost Her $10 Million
Jul 2011
Rachel Uchitel's whore mouth is what got her $10 million from Tiger Woods in the first place, and now that same whore mouth has cost her most of that money. Tiger Woods reportedly stuffed a $10 million hush money check between Rachel Uchitel's overstuffed dolphin **** lips after she signed a confidentiality agreement promising to keep his name off of her tongue for the rest of her life. Any smart gold digger would've immediately glamored Tiger Woods' name from her brain, because $10 million can buy a lot of lip injections and horse mane weaves. Rachel Uchitel is not a smart gold digger. Bitch is as dumb as she is Equus faced.

Rachel broke the agreement when she went on Celebrity Rehab for a "love addiction" and vaguely talked about Tiger to TMZ. Tiger's lawyer Jay Lavely accused Rachel of breaking the agreement and ordered her to give all of the money back.

TMZ reports that Rachel's lawyer Gloria Allred advised her to give whatever is left of the $10 million back to Tiger, because they'd lose in court. Rachel agreed, but one thing Cuchitel didn't know is that Gloria made a deal with Jay that she would still collect all of her attorney fees from the $10 million. If they went to arbitration and lost, Rachel would not have to pay Gloria a cent. So Rachel thinks that Gloria forced her to give back the money so the bitch could get paid. Rachel has now hired a malpractice lawyer to get those fees back from Gloria. Gloria issued this statement to TMZ:

"Our law firm no longer represents Ms. Uchitel and we have no comment on this story at this time. However, we are confident that we have always acted appropriately and in her best interests."
Gloria ****** that $10 million out of Rachel just like Rachel ****** that $10 million out of Tiger. I should laugh, but I'm too busy being disgusted and disappointed at Rachel. Rachel is a ****-skinned, anus-mouthed, piss-brained piece of Mr. Ed's caca who gives all conniving gold digging sluts a bad name! What kind of gold digger screws with the $10 million in her pocket by breaking an agreement? What kind of gold digger puts that $10 million in a domestic checking account instead of hiding it in a shoe box far, far away? What kind of gold digger tells Tiger's lawyer that she still has the money instead of saying the words I said when my third grade teacher asked me what I did with the candy I took from my classmate's desk: "I ATE IT, BITCH!"

If I had any respect for Rachel to begin with, she would've lost it over this dumb dumb move.

1149 days ago


b**ch please.....*dramatic eyeroll for effect* why can't she just crawl back into obscurity again? this ho doesn't news...

1149 days ago


I'm calling the face police. Your eyes and mouth should not be interchangeable.

1149 days ago

Bernice Madoff    

Satan is alive and well................its all about the money, no matter who dies or what marriage gets wrecked.

1149 days ago


Cool papa, lol! And I'm seriously considering getting duck lips. Also, I'm seriously considering replacing Tony Stewart in the Nascar race this weekend.

1149 days ago

Ben from Baltmore    

The NY Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch. What do you expect from Rupert Murdoch and his news organizations, honesty? Murdoch owned UK tabloid rag News Of The World was shut down due to phone hacking accusations. Give me a break. I can't stand Rachel, but I have to side wit her on this one.

1149 days ago


I Rachel and Ox BFF????

1149 days ago


Sorry--Is Ox and Rachel BFF????

1149 days ago


She could never be a "fat housewife with three kids living in Sands Point, Long Island" because they have WAY MORE CLASS than she does! Honey, that would be a huge improvement over the homewrecking whore with the plastic fake face you turned out to be.

1149 days ago
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