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Mel Gibson

Why I Want to Make A

Jewish Hero Movie

9/10/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson has a passion for the story of Judah Maccabee, one of the greatest Jewish heroes of all time, but is not doing the movie as an act of contrition.

Sources very close to Mel tell TMZ ... Gibson does not feel the need to bridge a gap between himself and the Jewish community, because he doesn't believe a gap exists.  They say Mel is adamant -- he does not hate Jews, noting that his lawyers are Jewish, his publicist is Jewish, and he has many Jewish friends and employees.

As for Mel's anti-Semitic rant during his 2006 DUI arrest, Mel has written two public letters of apology and also met with numerous leaders in the Jewish community to discuss where he went wrong.

As for the movie, Mel has wanted to produce it for a decade, telling our sources it's actually a statement against corruption in the church.  Mel believes Maccabee's story parallels the modern church, and he thinks the movie will help force change.


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Ira Black-
You and most of team mel are ignorant anti-semites! But you live here! Don't you know how BORING you are?......

1133 days ago


For those who deem themselves superior to any/everyone of those who still believe, at the end of the day............
**not a fVck was given**
Nighty night!!!!1. {o:

1132 days ago


Scotty: 16 hours ago

Your posts are cogent, coherent, and intelligent. Bantering with the likes of Bunnywhatever, is equivalent to reasoning with a mentally ill drunk!

Yeah, you would drink to that, you loser. You just prove an ole saying..the good run with the good, and learn from their mistakes, while ignornat acting stupid fools like you never learn.

1132 days ago


Scotty: 15 hours ago

Ira Black-
You and most of team mel are ignorant anti-semites! But you live here! Don't you know how BORING you are?......

You're not only ingorant Scotty, but very sad and mean person. Don't take it out on people here, you can't get a woman, let alone keep one. Women must find you very BORING or so damn IGNORANT acting that they can't stand to be around you. Just because we are a Mel Gibson fan, doesn't make us all ignorant, let alone anti-semites. You are not very bright, are ya?

1132 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Hey Scooty! What gives!

YOu didn't call me the worst. I'm soo disappointed. :( Then I thought well maybe Scooty is gonna give Cuji the worst award today. She/he's been really mean and insulting!

Why haven't you insulted Cuji? Why haven't you chosen her/him as 'the worst'? Instead we see you buddying up to Cuji. All those lectures you gav eus about insulting and how wrong it was....yet here you are buddying up with someone that should get the 'Worst' award for the WEEK! tsk tsk Sooty. Your true colors are showing.....

1132 days ago


Good morning / afternoon / evening all folks of good will !!!

Didn't think there could be much worse than the old piano player's karaoke efforts at pop stardom, but the weird Salahi thing making her attempt at 'pop' stardom may be a close match.


Tee hee

1132 days ago


kkg: several members of flock have implied that jewish Hollywood high rollers have been persecuting MM for various reasons. I get the impression that the 'general feeling' is that the ill will is due to MM's religious beliefs and subsequent parlay thereof, as opposed to his being an all around Ahole.
From there the 'lunatic fringe' flock contingent took it to a whole other level. That's when I made that comment. I have since clarified that flock is diversified. It's possible for someone to assert another is a bigot without being a bigot themselves. I think most flock and/or Team Mel realize who we're talking about. If you didn't weigh in, you shouldn't take offense.

Tell me this, since I've suffered many 'ugly and unfair labels from a certain group' (flock) 'Simply because the members of that group disagree with your opinion and/or beliefs regarding a certain subject' doesn't that mean that flock is bigoted towards me? Shouldn't it cut both ways?

1132 days ago


Oops, don't know why my post didn't go through as a reply.

Nerd why do you kiss up to the male members on the board who slam you even harder than I do? And why are you obsessing about me getting slammed by people? Is it because your own attempts have failed miserably so you're trying to get the aid of much smarter people than you? Buzz off you little wasp!

1132 days ago


A quick shout out to Little Aussie Reader;

I keep missing you here! And I miss seeing you here! And Curious, Tell, MAC, Azlee, Koala Babe, Emerald, KM, Realist, Belinda, Sam, Frieda, Karls, Majestik, Paulette, Shell, Babushka and so many others. Please forgive me if I've omitted your name. The list is long and delightful. Here's a flocking big hug from your proud fellow member of the Frau Flock! Life is short, ladies. Let's rev up the engines of our mobility scooters, hoist our beverage of choice and with a loud shout of..."Freeeedooooommmm" roll slowly past those who would deny our right to dislike greedy opportunists.

Goodnight all. As always, I've enjoyed your company, now and then. Have a lovely week.


1132 days ago

little aussie reader    

Kathleen! Hiya! I thought I heard someone say my name through the fog. I look here and see my two favourite blue-faced critters have passed through. ;o)

Yes, we're missing each other.... and the others. How the flock are you? I'll take your flocking big hug and give you one right back, fellow Frau!

Revving my scooter - "Vroom Vrooom" - hoisting my glass in the air, and crying "Freeeedooooommmm" as I roll past our disparagers, flipping them the bird. :o)

Does anyone still have a copy of Shuffle's bird?

1131 days ago


Time to circle the mobility scooters frau flock! This time it's attempted vehicular homicide. It's like deja vu all over again!

1131 days ago



1131 days ago


Ira Black: 16 hours ago


Yeah, it's funny because it's spot on and you know it. Are you done with your daily poetry manifesto or are you going to treat us to more of your hallucinatory stream of semi-conscious babbling?

LOL.. too damn funny!

1130 days ago


Cuji: you are not correct by saying you are correct. You are so clueless it's starting to be really funny! Ira whips your ass in print with her hands typed behind her back all by herself! Very funny. :)

Yay Ira!


1130 days ago


Hi, Ira

Stay gold. To deal with the Mel haters, you may want to keep those boxing gloves on.
I enjoy reading reading what you write. LOL

1130 days ago
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