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Famous L.A. Deli

Free Cupcakes on 9/11

For Servicemen

9/11/2011 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They might be located 3,000 miles away from Ground Zero, but the folks at the legendary Los Angeles Canter's Deli want to thank the servicemen of the area ... with tasty, tasty treats. 

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of September 11, they will be handing out free cupcakes to all firefighters, police officers and military personnel (provided they come in uniform or show some proof of service). 

A rep for the deli tells us, "Canter's would like to thank fire departments, police officers and military for all their hard work."


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wow ... that makes it all worthwhile! some dirty-looking cupcakes; these guys are all class!

1137 days ago


I agree with SLH - what a SHAMELESS, TACKY way to promote your "legendary" shop. Nothing takes away the pain & anger from that awful day like a CUPCAKE!

1137 days ago


How about giving the homeless those treats or half a sandwich. Self-serving jackasses commercializing on 9/11.

1137 days ago


Cupcakes? WOW! Big deal. Free meals off the menu would of been a better idea, than f**ken cupcakes.

1137 days ago

me, myself and I    

I think it was a nice gesture. Their biggest mistake is promoting it on tabloid trashy TMZ,

1137 days ago


Cupcakes???? Why don't they treat them to a nice dinner instead,

1137 days ago


And what have you done to help others? Canter's doesn't need advertising because they've been in business since 1931 with a spotless reputation.

A kind gesture is not measured by size or amount !!! Thank you Canter's Deli. I've eaten at your restaurant and your deli is to die for. Best pastrami sandwich I've ever eaten.

1137 days ago


My first thought when I read this was how nice! I will just go with that!

1137 days ago


Lets get fired over a cupcake.

1136 days ago


Free cupcake for servicemen in uniform that show up on a bicycle wearing a Mickey Mouse watch. Hey, we're just trying to give back, sheeshus.

1136 days ago


Come On. They have to show proof of service???

1136 days ago


On the face of it, it appears to be a nice gesture. But, as long as they are commercializing 9/11, why not just make a generous donation to the Police and Fireman's funds? They can afford it. I have frequented Canter's and do like their restaurant.

1136 days ago


As much as I understand NYFD operates both fire and medical services within the department why is it that EMT/Medics are never recognized for their heroism? Military personnel were involved in the WAR. This day we should remember all people who risked their safety for others professional public servant and otherwise.

1136 days ago


Yes there is such a thing as a meaningless not thought out gesture. This makes them look bad. Getting a news headline on tmz for a free cupcake offer? If it wasn't on tmz it wouldn't be so bad. IT would just be a stupid hollow non-offer meant to make them look generous. No serviceman is gonna come in and wave id saying let me have a free cupcake! Yes this offer wasn't thought out as well as they wanna think. Fact its on TMZ also makes them look cheap and exploitative.

1136 days ago


Agreed. Nice idea in theory poor in execution. Free Cupcakes? come on . Cupcakes are already cheap having to come in in uniform or have to flash id to get something so cheap. As a serviceman i'd feel kinda humiliated basically having to do a song and dance for a stupid cheap cupcake. I understand it would cut back on abuse of the offer but still couldn't they figure out a better way. Look at me i'm dressed in full military regalia or here let me pull out my official military id for a cheap cupcake! ugh! gee why not make them feel pathetic by showing a coupon while you at it??

It's a nice gesture but advertising it on TMZ makes them look cheap and pathetic. Yeah its a cheap advertising ploy. Seriously doubt many servicemen will take up on the offer given they have to "prove" themselves for a stupid cupcake. Think up a better promotion that doesn't seem as cheap or lame as something a business school flunkie would come up with. Even a free dinner or something better. How about invite local servicemen to a dinner in their honor? You'd have to actually spend some cash and get real publicity; not some stupid free cupcakes that cost you pennies to make and not many will take up on the offer.

Yeah i'd love to serve my country and have some prick giving away free cupcakes ask me for id to prove who i am or better yet have me show up like a clown in uniform and loudly announce give me the free cupcake!

This will give them free cheap publicity and i seriously doubt servicemen will line up for this offer; hence making this more of a "Non-offer" a offer cheap in execution and one not many will take advantage of due to hurdles. Making it a win-win for them.

This is a hollow meaningless gesture for sure. Nice offers are nice only when there is good intentions behind them. Not stupid non-offers meant only to get their name out there. No serviceman wants to be haggling for a free cupcake. This promotion it embarrassing and almost a slap in the face

1136 days ago
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