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Rachel Uchitel

Tweeting from Ground Zero

9/11/2011 6:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel visited the memorial at Ground Zero this morning to pay her respects to those who lost their lives on September 11 -- including her fiancé at the time, James Andrew O'Grady.

Uchitel is currently embroiled in a spat with Page Six Magazine, which ran an article that quoted her as saying, "I believe Andy was meant to die because he was too good."

Rachel says she never said it and plans on suing.


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Uchitel. Disgusting. She is not gettng any money.

She's already back on her knees. A working girl, who is not getting money. Nothing to fall back on.

1138 days ago


You all should be ashamed of yourselves! Who in the hell are any of you to be judge and jury on this woman? I'm sure that not a single one of you lives a perfect life. Maybe she is the way she is now as a direct result from losing the man she was set to spend the rest of her life with. Maybe she sunk down to that level because it was easier for her to be with someone she'd never have to worry about commiting to because the love of her life was murdered on this day. She looked like a completely different woman back then than the road she's on now and maybe instead of people saying all of this BS, she needs some guidance and prayer to pull her life back together & move on from her loss. You ppl are sickening. I'm not condoning her actions for having affairs with married men, and she certainly didn't do all of that by herself, she shares half if not less of the blame because the men were the ones running around cheating on their wives, but give her a break when it comes to this subject. How would you feel had you lost the love of your lives on this day? Different ppl react in many different ways to a personal tragedy. So STFU!

1138 days ago

Chun LI    

Shut up Trick and stop using your dead fiance for publicity.Disgusting piece of trash.

1138 days ago


I'm not impressed with that fountain. It should spring up, not down into that square hole. Too bad Uchitel couldn't just fall into it and disappear. She isn't too good to live.

1138 days ago


How did this piece of work score a ticket to the 9/11 Memorial when so many relatives and domestic partners did not? Her recent history puts in question any true, solid relationship she may have had with a fiancé. If she wanted remembrance of the man and her relationship there are non-public ways to do this. And what about the respect she has shown him with her actions over the last years? Bottom feeder!

1138 days ago


I'm sure she wore something low cut and 8 inch platform heels.
This woman just cheapened the ceremony by being there, for that I would like to apologize to all the relatives of those lost on 9/11.

1138 days ago

Bernice Madoff    

Wasn't to sad when she took Tiger by the tail, Money in the DNA and tiger tears for a showing.

1138 days ago


Here's another one who is always seeking that 5 minutes of fame. As for the young man that died, terrible however she being engaged what a joke. This woman couldn't keep her panties in one place for more than 1 day.

1138 days ago


Until you all have lost someone to a senseless act, I would suggest that you refrain from judgement.

1138 days ago


The memorial was ONLY OPEN TO FAMILY MEMBERS on 9/11... HOW did she get into the memorial site?

It is TOTALLY DISRESPECTFUL and a bit "NEWS WHOREY" to "tweet" from the memorial...


1138 days ago


Rachel says that the new memorial is a lifesized replica of her hooha.

1138 days ago


who cares what this plastic ***mdumpster thinks? She is famous for spreading her legs wide open. Gross

1137 days ago

Trevis Miho    

This story makes me want to pull whoever I get engaged with to the side and let her know that if I die tragically, and she.....well, follows the Uchitel simply not "pay respects" to me afterwards - because there is NOTHING really respectful about it anymore. Whoever she was when he was alive, she obviously isn't anymore.

1137 days ago


You people are so judgemental. She lost her fiancee in 9/11. PLENTY of people who lost loved ones in the Towers have gone off the deep end. One woman spent all the money she got through insurance and donations on shoes, clothes and partying. She even gave a perfect stranger $10,000. It's called survivors guilt.

I would like to see most of you bozo's try to rebuild your lives after a traumatic event like this lady went through. Did she make the best choices in life? No, but stop judging this person. She gave Tiger back most of his money so stop calling her a ho. We ALL have shiat in our pasts that we would like to forget about.

BTW...if an ex-boyfriend/husband/whatever offered you 25 million to keep your mouth shut, 99.9% of you people would take the money.

1137 days ago


I can't believe I'm about to defend Rachel Uchitel, but I am. Many of the "first responders" have PTSS (Post traumatic stress syndrome) ten years later. Some will never lead "normal" lives. Rachel Uchitel was by all accounts a "normal" girl before this tragic event. She was completely traumatized! Some people grieve by turning to alcohol, some become promiscuous, others just become depressed. Unless you've been in her shoes, you should stop calling her names, and have some compassion!

1137 days ago
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