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Kate Major Files for

Protection Order Against Michael Lohan


9/12/2011 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Major says Michael Lohan is at it again -- sending both her and her father threatening messages -- so she's once again filed for an order of protection against him.

Major filed docs last week in Sarasota County, FL. -- alleging, among other things, that Lohan has threatened to have her dad "whacked" and threatened to "ruin her career."

According to a police report, included in the docs, cops went to Major's home last week because she claims Lohan was repeatedly calling and texting her. The report says Lohan called while police were there -- and an officer told him Major didn't want him to contact her anymore.

If this sounds familiar, it should -- this is the third time Major has sought an order of protection against Lohan.

This latest order was not immediately approved. A hearing is scheduled for September 13.

Calls to Michael Lohan have not been returned.


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Zach is absolutely correct...she was the problem on Celebrity Rehab with her crack behavior and kept coming at him. Although he is a loose cannon too, she started it. They need to leave each other the hell alone!

1081 days ago


my xhusben is meen and kate is bich so y dunt thay go away and leev linds aloan i hav a order on protecton and so duze linds and ali 2 kate shude soo him 4 1 milyun

1081 days ago


these people avoid work like the plague...I am waiting until Dina sells nana on the black market to a sweat shop..

I never new there was a job title called "paid flake"...
there has to be some kind of school for that..
where you learn how to screw the system.
beat women and get away with it.
sell your soul.
and dis your family, all for a profit

1081 days ago


Why does every clown you've ever met from NY or New Jersey think they have 'WACK" connections?

1081 days ago


there should be a limit in life, of how much you can tie up the court system..
when you are finished with your time, you are not allowed to get anymore..but if you try you go right to jail..
right now the lohan would be doing life..
the only reason i go to the court house is to do tax, tag, and titles... never seen people so much putting them selves right in laws way

1080 days ago


She is a psycho alcoholic! They deserve each other. And Lindsay makes three.

1080 days ago


i guess since kate and milo have broken up for good (about 2 weeks).. he might have to stalk his other infatuation, His daughters..
I think lindsay is single, go for it one is that desperate to go after Ali now...
Even if you tie a pork chop around her neck, the dogs would not even come around.

1080 days ago


I watched Michael Lohan on Dr. Drew's Rehab and I was hoping he would clean house and get rid of this woman. She needs to be in rehab herself. She's a runaway train about to derail and if he doesn't get rid of her, he's going to go down with her. She is some piece of work.

1080 days ago


Shocker that Michael Lohan may do something stupid. But also--what "career" is he ruining? Does she have one?

1080 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Whenever I think of these two the words murder and suicide make me feel warm and fuzzy.

1080 days ago


Kate Major is a lying dumb s l u t and Michael Lohan is an idiot. A match made in hell.

1080 days ago


Change your number, idiot. It's that simple.

1080 days ago

Linda Brown    

Oh for Christ's sake's who gives one crap about these two? Lohan can't go a week without being in the media, he is a male version of Cindy Anthony!! As for the skank, does this broad even have a job or does she keep Lohan hanging on so she can get money off him and then when he does not come through, she throws an RO on him? Lohan is such a loser, apparently since being on Celeb Rehab (where he got plenty of his fix and I don't mean a drink) he has gone back to his old ways, Anyone see him on CR? Whining and crying about his kids, when he is the worst father ever? All Lohan cares about is HIMSELF, he don't care about his kids unless he needs money as this s***bag does not work either? Who the hell would hire him? I would not even want him to clean my cat's litter box!!! As for Kate, she is NOT A STAR, but a HO who latches on to what she thinks will support her sorry ass.

1080 days ago


this reminds me of lindsay...when the free mason was sending her text and phone calls that bothered her...
then she took the picture of the meter reader.
Hid in the closet and tweeted...
change your damn numbers--------
i am willing to bet, she called milo up before she called the make it look like he is the instigator..
they all play like middle school people...they are all in the role on "Mean Girls"

1080 days ago

Sad sad    

Michael wants to go back to prison to see the pedos with Ali's picture on the wall now. BTW his daughter is getting too skinny. I understand Lindsay sticking up for her sister (commendable) but to not think something is off is scary. Michael can't do crap till his crap is together. Obviously, his kids are not priority. He wants to fight with Kate. I think he enjoys it really.

1080 days ago
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