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Christina Hendricks

My Boobs Are NOT

a Conversation Piece!!!!

9/15/2011 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


One day after she wore a top that shoved her boobs into her chin ... "Mad Men" actress Christina Hendricks SHUT US DOWN when we asked a TOTALLY FAIR question about 'em.

Hendricks was out in L.A. Tuesday night when we asked if she ever gets tired about people talking about her gals ... when she refused to answer and walked away from our camera.

Of course, Christina hasn't always been so shy about her chest ... and if you're not a blind person, you can see the proof below.



No Avatar

Icebaby... is back dude If only I could get my face between those things, suck on them like a small child, hold them, squeeze them, oh... just everything anyone would do if they got the chance. If that was ever possible, I would never talk again and live the rest of my life with a very self-satisfied look and smile in my face...

1136 days ago

Fat Mike    

Wow, has anyone in the office checked to see if this cameraman is a registered sex offender? Seems to be a prerequisite of getting a job at TMZ these days. What a creep!

1136 days ago


Her boobs look like an ugly arse.She is saying look at me look at me.She is an idiot.

1136 days ago


Love when people are a k*nt like this - won't talk about them and act insulted if the subject is brought up - but you never see her at an event without them PUSHED OUT ON DISPLAY (but dont talk about them!)
*eye roll*

1136 days ago


Well then cover them up because we are sick of looking at your butt-boobs are so trashy

1136 days ago


She's CLASSY? To women out there, if you don't want anyone to talk about your jugs or ogle at them, keep them wrapped up! If she's so offended by all these people talking about her boobs, then she shouldn't be mooning people with them! I am all for women empowerment but if you are an ACTRESS and you wear a dress that only barely covers your nipple, prepare to be asked about them! If you don't want people looking at them, why have them out in the first place?

1136 days ago


To No.3.... Yes they are real and spectacular.

1136 days ago


Sorry ********, but just because a woman dresses sexy or provocatively doesn't mean it's okay to be rude to her. And she didn't even make a big deal about it. She just walked away and ignored it. You are acting like she is required to answer every question about her breasts. Bunch of idiots here.

1136 days ago


Of course they're fake. A real breast doesn't look like a ball where it connects with the rest of her body. It's a smooth transition. Can't explain it any better. I have big ones and I know.

And I think she's a hypocrate for not wanting to talk about them, if she often displays them like that.

1136 days ago


Ok Im a woman and I agree with the men. If your gonna stick them out for everyone to look at, then its fair game to mention then. I imagine if a man had his nuts hanging out, it would be talked about, gawked at etc. Women if you dont want men staring/talking about your boobs, cover them up!

1136 days ago


Asking about her breasts is incredibly tacky (unless she's in pr0n, and even then... ). I can't, however, help but defend anyone who can't help but looking at them; she does nothing to hide them and in fact dresses pretty deliberately to push them up and out. That indicates to me she wants them looked at; there are ways to minimise them, even when they're large, and she takes no steps in that direction. So :)

1136 days ago


Ugh, with those teeth she should definitely keep her mouth closed when having her photo taken! They look black on the sides near the back!

1136 days ago

All Natural    

So if a lady has beautiful hair, you can't comment on that either. She puts the gals out there for a reason. Don't expect no comments about them if you show them off to the world!!

1136 days ago


So stop putting them on display like that!

1136 days ago


Sounds like little miss Hendricks is pulling a Kim Kardashian here....

1136 days ago
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