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"Starsky and Hutch"

Actor Accused of Favoring Golf

Over Child's Schooling

9/14/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Michael Glaser, the actor who became famous playing Starsky in the iconic TV series, "Starsky and Hutch," has been accused by his ex-wife of blowing a fortune on golf while refusing to kick in his share of his daughter's tuition.

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ, Glaser has refused to pay 1/2 of his 16-year-old daughter's tuition for private school ... Paul's share is just shy of $11,000 a year.

Paul's ex, Tracy Glaser, says he has refused to ante up.  Paul has argued the court excused him from having to pay, but she says that's b.s.

And Tracy says, Paul is more than able to pay his share, noting that in a recent 6-month period, he spent $12,800 on golf.

And, what further infuriates Tracy is that Paul's lawyer told the judge he would have to spend more than $7,000 in attorney's fees defending this claim.  So she says why not use that money to pay for his daughter's education.

Glaser's lawyer had no comment.


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The Fame Whore    

She's making the decision to place their daughter in an expensive private school, not him. Unless he agreed to pay for private school tuition in their divorce settlement, he shouldn't have to pay half.

Unless he's not paying his child support payments and it was part of their agreement that he would pay half of a private school education, she has no business taking him to court over this. She's wasting money and the court's time.

1134 days ago


There's always public school.....but don't let that slacker get away with it.

1134 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Imagine that, another single women wanting MORE MONEY! That can't be.................

1134 days ago


He's a bum. He has to have a judge to tell him to help pay for his daughter's education? Really? Even if he didn't have to pay why in the hell would he do that to his daughter. What a s***bag.

1134 days ago


its his money and he can do whatever he wants with it... Unless the court ordered this before hand and sounds like they didn't, She has no right to even talk **** about him.

If she want's the brat in a special school then she can flip the bill. We pay for schools under our taxes so he has already paid for school for her.

1134 days ago


He probably can't really afford it. I don't think he has made a lot of money since Starsky & Hutch . If he CAN afford it he should help pay. It does sound like he is spending some $$ on playin golf,so I would think his daughters education is a little more important.

1134 days ago

When does the gravy train dry up for all these gold digging whores?

1134 days ago


What they DON"T tell you is that the guy probably already pays 5K a month and she wants more, more, more becasue men are nothing more than wallets to SOME women!

meanwhile the blood sucking lawyer just put a new bathroom in his kick ass house that misery built!

1134 days ago


This is why I am against child support. If he were not being soaked for a fortune in "child support" payments he would probably be thrilled to kick in for his daughter's expenses. Child support is just a scorned ex tax.

1134 days ago


The court "excused him"? Was that like the judge writing a letter to the school, saying, "Dear x: Please excuse Paul from paying?"

1134 days ago


Why does the girl need a private school in the first place.It's not like her dad is a well known actor anymore, make her live in the real world, they don't have private jobs in her future so why do private schools for her to learn the real life .Well its obvious the mother was in it for the money in the first place...I'm a female and yet I can see why men complain, to me if you want the full custody then cough up the higher expense of it all..I do w/ all my kids...

1134 days ago


Private school is for mom, not daughter, because mom needs to keep up with the neighbors

1134 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

More spoiled rich squabbling over 10's of thousands of dollars... come live in the real world for a change, then I might consider some kind of sympathy. Disgusting how greedy this country is.

1134 days ago


If he's paying child support, and I think the ex would let the world know if he wasn't, then the cost of private school is her problem as it was probably her decision alone.

1134 days ago


If true, this guy should be ashamed. The mother too. There are cheaper schools out there. If you produce children, support them

1134 days ago
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