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The Situation's Car



9/14/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


So a handicapped person drives up to a bank in New Jersey yesterday, hoping to park in the handicapped spot -- only he can't because THE SITUATION'S FRICKIN' FERRARI IS IN IT!!!!

TMZ has obtained footage ... showing the displaced handicapped guy using his cane to navigate around Sitch's expensive sports car.

We called Situation's rep for comment ... so far, nothing.


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Ok Reallly??? do we have nothing else to talk about today? I know the Mike is probabbly a spoiled dude, and on Jersey Shore he is a problem maker & an Egotistic maniac.... but HONESTLY Mike i'm on your side here, the handicap guy could've easily parked in the handicap spot? lots of room, just should've parked close to the line so it was hard for Mike to leave? teach him a lesson not park his Ferrari on a slant... and BTW for you all haters about the ferrari, don't hate! APPRECIATE! it' a cute car, not something i'd buy but you all know you wish you had enough money to get one too, even if you did have to sell it off to pay bills a year or two all watched the show which means you all helped him pay for that! Love it Mike! :D

1134 days ago


Not for nothing but the handicap guy got the better parking.. so i dont get why your dumb azz photog made a big deal of the "situation". this is a stupid post and should have never been even seen ... also his tire was over the line not half in the parking... your show is stupid and reports on stupid crap...

1134 days ago


the 'steroid situation' needs to show a little more respect for the disabled. What a pig.

1134 days ago


Lol ok so where is the proof that this is even the situation's car?? And even if it was...yall act like the handicapped man had to walk THAT much further of a distance...He was able to park right beside him...

1133 days ago


Wow, what a way to make someone look worse than it is! This was NOT that bad, he's barely parked within the handicapped zone.. fine, i'll be the first to admit that TheSitch is a douce, but don't go all ballistic on him just because he can afford a ferrari..right's gonna be gone in a couple of years, when his career dies off and then maybe he will to, like literally die..

1132 days ago

Julio Cesar    

son of a bitch lame Italian *********er where do you get off ********* you have a piece of **** instead of brain.

1122 days ago

General Electric's BIG DOG    

The Situation is a douche. I can't believe anyone watches that loser on tv.

1065 days ago
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