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Tareq Salahi

BANNED from Journey Concerts

9/16/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Tareq Salahi has lost both his wife AND his Journey privileges IN THE SAME WEEK!!!

Security on the Journey tour have been given orders to keep Tareq out of the backstage area during the remainder of their concert tour ... even though he may have an all-access pass.  

Take a look at the poster (above) that will be plastered at upcoming Journey venues, including the Aaron's Amphitheatre in Atlanta, where the band is performing tonight.

Tareq and Journey were tight before he found out guitarist Neal Schon has been banging his wife behind his back -- that tends to ruin a friendship.


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JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Used to like Journey, hated this man and his ho wife, now I feel sorry for him and Journey or what's left of it actually since without Steve Perry they blow anyhow can kiss my azz from here to eternity. They can bang all the groupie skankz they want but when they publicly steal someone's wife and humiliate him around the globe they're slime in my book. Not to mention they're geriatric retreads anyhow at this point.

That Perry retread I've alway*****ed anyhow. At least Steve Perry has some dignity left unlike these money grubbing old time acts who hire stand ins and tour with the name like it's a corporation.

944 days ago


really journey pretty low. Lets bang the guys wife and then post his picture up i mean really you think the guy is gonna confront you guys it sounds like hes moving on and the last thing he would do is go see journey i mean come on.

944 days ago


this is tooooo funny!!! (and I still think the whole thing is a publicity stunt...)

944 days ago

Ghost Rider    

I think it must suck to be this guys age and have this high school type drama to deal with. People need to just settle down with one person, be a good role model and frickin deal with it.

944 days ago

Jeff Becker    

Journey is washed up without Steve Perry. They do have a really good karaokie singer replacement, but I'd rather just listen to their original CD's anyway. Schon has always been a tool and though he "WAS" the band, but Perry "IS" the band.

944 days ago



OH YEA!!!!

944 days ago


Banned from Journey concerts? who cares,it's not even the real Journey anymore. without steve perry, they are nothing

944 days ago


Clearly Neal is a ********* because he cannot be a man and handle things, he has to get security on him. How pathetic. It's not like Tareq is going to show up and mark out like he used to.

944 days ago


By the way, not only is Neal a PxUxSxSxY but his band are a bunch of them too. Nobody listens to that crap.

944 days ago


This reminds me of an episode of "married With Children" when a picture of Al Bundy was posted at the supermarket checkout line with the caption "Do Not Accept a Check from This Man"

944 days ago


Oh I doubt this fellow has any interest in using his pass to get backstage at the concert! What ARE they thinking?

944 days ago


HA HA HA HA......HA HA HA, I just can't stop laughing. Talk about Karma. If you catch him, all he'll say is "on the advice of my attorney.....". I'm still not convinced this isn't a huge publicity stunt or a publicity stunt gone wrong. Who would want that wife???? Man, I can not stop laughing.

944 days ago


Who gives two sh*** about Journey without the real front man. I personally think this is all a giant hoax to increase ticket sales and to keep the two morons in the spotlight.

944 days ago


Oh gosh...TMZ I usually hate this kind of reporting but this is a true NJ pissa!!!! Holy crud... I am dying laughing here...

944 days ago


This is funny. Seriously

944 days ago
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