Tareq Salahi [VIDEO] FILMS Rock Star Kiss His Wife Ultimate Humiliation

9/16/2011 5:45 AM PDT

Tareq Salahi FILMS Rock Star Kissing His Wife -- None the Wiser [VIDEO]

It's the most tragically ironic video we've ever seen -- Tareq Salahi blissfully ignorant ... cheering on his wife while she plants a fat kiss on Journey guitarist Neal Schon, deep into their secret affair.

Neal's eyes tell the whole story -- it will make you squirm.

The clip was shot backstage at a make-up concert in Virginia on Labor Day weekend -- the show was originally scheduled for August 28th but was rescheduled due to Hurricane Irene.

Tareq is holding the camera ... and it's fair to assume he has NO IDEA what's secretly going on.

And FYI ... it was no accident the Salahis turned up at that concert -- sources extremely close to Michaele tell TMZ, she had been in close touch with Neal leading up to the show.

According to sources, Neal went so far as to send Michaele an extremely suggestive message just days before the show -- "I will be there on the 4th for a make-up date. Solo!!!! Can u?"

Apparently, the answer was yes. Don't tell Scotty.