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Tareq Salahi


Neal Showed Me His Penis

9/16/2011 11:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tareq Salahi has officially filed for divorce, and claims he has been humiliated in the extreme by Michaele and her lover, Journey guitarist Neal Schon, who stooped so low that he sent Tareq a picture of a penis.

According to the legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Tareq is citing adultery and abandonment as the reason for the divorce.

Tareq says in the papers, "the paramour [Neal] sent to my email account ... a email with an attachment of a penis" -- presumably his.

Tareq blasts his wife, claiming, "She continually exposes our friends and acquaintances to her adulterous relationship and has flaunted the same throughout the community, the nation and indeed the world, and thus caused me to suffer great harm, humiliation and embarrassment."

Tareq says his wife has been banging Schon "for a period of months."

And he also blames the band, claiming Journey has been paying for her travel accommodations and other expenses.

Tareq says the couple has a prenup.


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He caused every single bit of this. If you watch past episodes of the RHODC you can see he had her brain washed and she is TOO naive to know better. She left cuz he is flat broke and she needs her "sugar daddy" That said... I have a feeling this is a HUGE publicity stunt. They need the money and who would hire either one of these ppl?

1098 days ago


Tareq Salahi and his soon-to-be ex-wife are simply a JOKE!!! They have tried everything "under the sun" to become "genuine" celebrities and have FAILED!!! I wouldn't be surprised, if this wasn't yet another publicity stunt to generate some pub

1098 days ago


***********************CORRECTED POST***********************

Tareq Salahi and his soon-to-be ex-wife are simply a JOKE!!! They have tried everything "under the sun" to become "genuine" celebrities and have FAILED!!! I wouldn't be surprised, if this wasn't yet another publicity stunt to generate some public interest in which they can parlay into "REAL" MONEY!!! Hopefully, it will "FAIL" and the both of them will fade away into "OBSCURITY"!!! These "FAME WHORES" truly "SICKENING"!!!!

1098 days ago


Isn't Schon a little old to be sexting? gross

1098 days ago

Renegade Talk    

Listen to the show about these loser's FUNNY

1098 days ago

Esquire, Esq.    

no one would have known about it were it not for Tareq publicizing it - he humiliates himself. Blaming Journey? That took creativity.

1098 days ago


He is better off divorcing before he catches some weird disease.
He sure missed out wife swapping.20.

1098 days ago


Tareq should consider himself lucky to be getting rid of the boney drama queen. They are both losers in my book.

1098 days ago


I'm astonished at the way these grown women who should know way better act, do they care about their relationships one bit?Or their reputations? This whack job, who really is certifiable, is yet another example to younger women how to never act when one reaches her age....
Girlfriend has problems, marries the dude with cash, and cheats on him thru the whole relationship, uses his cash to get attention, and then in the end winds up laying the dude from Journey.....priceless. You couldn't write this shnikey!! Nothing finer to watch then a middle aged trainwreck trying to be young and dumb in 40's....and now she has to live with herself, but, somehow I can't help but the feeling she is getting what she wants....attention, TV shows splahing her face on them, basic delusions that THIS makes her a 'star'.....good luck honey, Oprah ain't gonna be a callin' I suspect. The opposite, it will be Howard Stern......

1098 days ago


You would think the dude from Journey would be embarassed that this got out. This was probably just an easy simple lay with a bag on her head and now his name has gotten out.
You look like a fool buddy.
And Tareq,you're not thinking straight right now because you trusted and got hurt but this too will pass. Nobody deserves what your wife has done to you. Hope you don't take her back when she comes crawling back to you when he's ditched her and he will. These type of women never win. Just dreadful what she's done to you.

1098 days ago


Awesome Tareq! Give her hell. I hope the prenup has a provision that voids it under such cir****tances.

1098 days ago


Therefore he will be releasing the sex tape in retaliation.

(as they both have planned)

1098 days ago


Didn't this guy invent the Macarena dance?

1098 days ago


If you keep giving them attention they will never go away. Make it stop.

1098 days ago


I'd like to know what Ava has to say about this whole mess, Neals wife that he just married in July, if Neal's been having sex with this woman for "months", why get married? Neal you're a total A**HOLE....

1098 days ago
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