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Foo Fighters

Turning the Tables On

The Westboro Baptist Church

9/17/2011 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The Westboro Baptist Church came out to protest a Foo Fighters concert last night -- but the band was ready ... and came out to play an impromptu show just for them.

The Foo Fighters came out dressed in costumes and played a few songs -- from the back of a flatbed truck -- that mocked their ultra-conservative views.

As the old saying goes ... what's good for the bigot, is good for the gander.


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I'm not sure what the feud is about but the FF suck bad. I mean theyre terrible and living proof that sheeple can be force fed crap and (in the absence of real talent in the market) lower the bar of acceptability for what is deemed musical talent. that said anyone artist who pays attention to critics is an idiot and doubly so in the case of grohl a man who by all rights should be wallowing in obscurity with his no talent, crappy sound.

1132 days ago


I must also add that westboro baptist church sucks worse than the FF by an order of magnitude. The fact that they call themselves Christians is anothe bizarro anomaly in light of the fact that Jesus preached against hating even when it comees to youre enemies you should love them. I guess i should love the FF even though i think they suck. LOL

1132 days ago


The Westboro Church is not conservative. It's a sick group of people who need a shrink and serious meds.

1132 days ago


The Westboro Baptist church people are not conservative, they are radical. Do not paint conservative people with the same brush as those lunatic s*** who dishonor our troops

1132 days ago

Fat Mike    

I hope they're at the Emmy Awards tomorrow, I wouldn't mind giving them another mouthful

1132 days ago

And thats the truth    

The last time I checked, TMZ, conservatives respect our military and most of our soldiers ARE conservatives. The Westboro Church does not respect out military at all, or else they would not protest at their funerals. The Westboro Church is made up of one very large family. The father is the head nutcase and his brainwashed children are attorneys. I would say they are a religious cult more then ultra conservative. I am a conservative and I do not even attend church. Stop injecting politics in your stories and stick to entertainment.

1132 days ago

KAREN Christopher    

Yeah Foo Fighters!!

1132 days ago


I still think it would have been cooler if they dropped the sides of the flatbed truck and 6 guys with machine guns opened fire on the Westboro church protesters. It could be "God's way" of dealing with crazy jesus freaks, come anybody with me? Anyone? I would buy a ticket to see that

1132 days ago


Calling them "conservatives" is purely bad form TMZ. They're not Conservatives in any sense of the word. Not even ultra-conservatives.. You would think a classy website like TMZ would get that. SO classy!

1132 days ago


...and this is why I love FF and Dave Grohl :)

1132 days ago

Chun LI    

Good for the Foo Fighters although it's best to just ignore famewhore,inbred IDIOTS.

1132 days ago

Ronald Jensen    

To: Da Foo's, Well done guys, point well made and you did not have to step anywhere near the cess pool that is the Westboro Baptist Church

1132 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

I hope the westboro baptists come to a swift horrible end, but the foo fighters suck, swallow, & everything in between.

1132 days ago


There is nothing wrong with having values and being conservative. Most people who have morals and hold traditional cultural views live normal lives, go about their own business, and don't bother others. In fact, others usually bother them much more. Why are people offended by morality? That's easy. As Brad Pitt says, morality just doesn't sit right with him, doesn't fit with his lifestyle, or words to that effect. Water seeks its lowest level, and so does sewage.

This church is another category all its own. Don't dare try to associate all conservatives with that mess.

1132 days ago


Grohl no talent? What does Steve listen to Ted "I haven't had a hit in 30 years" Nugent? Grohl has been in 3 sucessful bands and is known for his multi-talent. As for WBC they are the first ones God will send to hell. Put a few marshmellows in their pocket and let them cook.

1132 days ago
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