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Charlie Sheen

Another 'Men' Message

9/18/2011 6:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen ironically and rather awkwardly presented the Emmy for Best Actor in a Comedy Series -- but before he did, he had something to say (again) to the people at "Two and a Half Men."

The warlock also chatted up his replacement -- Ashton Kutcher -- backstage at the Emmys.

Charlie posted this pic on his WhoSay account during the show.


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If Charlie was sincere, he would never have wished Two 1/2 Men well, he would have just said, "I'm sorry for being such a knucklehead." I hope the people, especially you Chuck, can forgive me one day?
Charlie is still looking bad, and old these days. I assure you we will read about Charlie screwing up again, I assure you.

1098 days ago


First episode of Two and a Half Men with Ashton Kutcher already leaked on Youtube:

1098 days ago


Good to see him calm and all.

1098 days ago


it really sounds like rehab has worked. He seems to be in his right mind.

1098 days ago


I think Charlie Sheen redeemed himself tonight. They should consider taking him back. They can still keep Ashton Kutcher's character b/c that will only spice things up, but I really think the show still needs Charlie Sheen's character. Maybe they can use Kutcher's character as the love child of their deceased father. Bury the hatchet already. It is fairly obvious Charlie fell off the chain, and now he is getting better and taking responsibility for his actions.

1098 days ago


Love charlie sheen, all the sheens are cool

1098 days ago

Bob Bain    

What he did took a strong character and the ability to understand where he was, and where he wants to be in life. We all make mistakes. We all have hit lows. Most of us don't have those lows viewed by millions. TMZ is a bit awkward.

1098 days ago


2 season max

1098 days ago


I prefer his comments from months ago. His whole speech sounded like it was writen by his PR guy. Boring!!!

1098 days ago


Charlie Sheen has been choking on crow since he was fired from 2.5 men TV show. Prooved it again at the Emmys. Sheen got his digs in and bombed.

1098 days ago


well that was a complete waste of time, his and mine

1098 days ago


It was so stupid for the show and for him to be there. Charlie definitely seems like he is still using but not enough to make him freak out - in public, anyway. He definitely seemed like an alchy who forced himself to stay away from the booze for a few days in order to do this. His presenting spot was awful and awkward.

1098 days ago

CA Girl    

Ah yes, the famous whoremonger and drug addict wishes the very best to his former classmates on his former show, the one he tried so hard to destoy because he turned into a - what? - drug addled n'er-do-well. If this were the REAL world, not one person in that auditorium would have applauded him - and for what? Walking out on the stage to present an award? To coin a phrase - and it applies to all of us here today - you WILL reap what you sow. And that's the truth.

1097 days ago

CA Girl    

After taping the show so that I could FAST FORWARD through it this morning,which I did in a big way, and watching Mr. Ashton Kutcher presenting, I was surprised at his lack of ability on stage, showing no visible charisma apart from his hairstyle. He may be a really nice fellow and that's why what's-her-name married him, but a star in the making? I'm sorry, but I don't see it. I long for the days when a real star, like Tom Selleck (now with his terrific show "Blue Bloods") would be there as a presenter. THAT'S star quality! Oh well. Times change.

1097 days ago


Charlie is definitely reaping all the jacked up crap he sowed. I do believe it has finally sunk in what an enormous FOOL he made of himself AND just how GOOD he had it. That is punishment in itself. I am going to give him props for showing up and being a gentleman. I don't know if he's "trying" to get his job back, maybe he's trying to put the whole mess behind him and rid himself of the anger, hate, and bitterness! In any case, I wish him the best and I hope he's serious about his sobriety for the sake of his children. I don't want to see anything bad happen to him. I will be watching 2+1/2 Men, and I will also be watching his roast. I sure wish him and Chuck could someday work it out, but I guess it's too much water under the bridge. :-(

1097 days ago
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