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Floyd Mayweather

Goes Nuclear on Sportscaster After Fight

9/18/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Floyd Mayweather Jr. was still jonesing for a fight after his controversial knockout of Victor Ortiz last night, so he started one ... with an 80-year-old sportscaster!

During the post-fight interview, Floyd started screaming at HBO's Larry Merchant, getting up in his face and yelling, "You never give me a fair shake. HBO need to fire you. You don't know s**t about boxing. You ain't s**t! You're not s**t!"

But Merchant didn't back down, getting in the final words when he said, "I wish I was 50 years younger and I'd kick your a**."

Frisky old guy, ain't he?

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Hmmm. If Mayweather is not a trash talking punk a$$ beyatch, why does he need bodyguards? Methinks he is over compensating for lack of personality or something.. NC

1128 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Larry Merchant would have kicked pretty girl's ass. Keep running from Pac Pretty Girl.

1128 days ago


I think Floyd Mayweather Jr. was Exactly Right, They Should fire Larry Merchant, He is An Arrogant piece of crap and should be put out to pasture. He never even boxed so what the hell could he know about boxing. I really don't know how he lasted this long. He has no business interviewing any of the great boxers. He must of known someone very powerful in the boxing universe cuz that's the only way i can see that he's lasted so long doing this. He's an Ass and does deserve to be let go. If any1 ever did it's this guy.

1128 days ago


I'm not a mayweather at all however I'm a trained fighter. My coach always prepared me to be ready. When we touched gloves he would always throw a fast one to see if i'm ready & that always taught me to be ready. You can blame the trainer as well.

1128 days ago



1128 days ago


Pre-fight instructions are always given to - PROTECT YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES.

Anyone dumb enough not to deserves to get their head knocked off and should not be world champion.

1128 days ago


they yelling atb him . you not gon do nothing. ***** course he not hes 80 ytears old idiot. abe boy started bobing his head like he wanted to headbut an 80 year old. those are ligit questions. and even after glove tocuh and slowed down he hits him in .5 secs. in real time thats .1 sec so floyd ur a bitch and a loser. gl with Manny ur light out bicth. and i was amayweather fan before his monkey bizness

1128 days ago


it was clearly a cheap shot. He didn't even give Ortiz half a second to put his fists up. And if you look closely, the headbutt was an accident. Mayweather should go find his balls somewhere in that ring. i think they fell off after the headbutt.

1128 days ago


blame it on the REF....... he wasnt even looking look forward... plus that hand the ref threw it was all BS... i want to see a MANNY VS.. MAYWEATHER....


1128 days ago


Larry shud call it a day. Next time Floyd just refuse to be interviewed by him

1128 days ago

Justin Scher    

Mayweather, your career is SO ******* incomplete. You duck the best and it is as obvious as day. You can never be judged as the greatest fighter for ducking the best opponent and fighting nothing but ******* bums which makes you a complete ***** in the public's eyes. What a sham to waste money on your lame ass. You haven't proven ****! Step up to the plate or shut it. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON HIS LAME ASS....

1128 days ago

Stick Man    

Do you people watch fights to see two men attack each other or are you judging an etiquette class? You all keep mentioning manners and class and all off the bull***t excuses. Just say what you're really trying to say. You Manny P. fans (most) complaining about Floyd not properly setting his dinner table or him using a double negative are freakin ridiculous cowards. It's about fighting-and that's it; otherwise, go to Buckingham Palace and have some tea if you want to cry about "Floyd has no class". You men are a bunch of metrosexuals.

1128 days ago


Mayweather is nothing but a walking minstrel show. He is the embodiment of almost every negative black stereotype. Floyd has been fighting dirty for years and no one says a thing but Ortiz finally gives it back, and don't get me wrong he was wrong, which is why he lost a point. And so Floyd takes the puck ass way out and Cortez, who is a joke of a ref, is an accomplice to the b.s. The bottom line is May knew, win or lose, he was gonna be in a real fight so he took the bitch way out. I think it's funny all this protect yourself at all times stupidity, that is simply a rationalization for your guy punking out. Despite what he said any objective and moderately intelligent person could see Cortez had not signaled them to resume, he wasn't even looking at the fighters. He will never fight Pac and frankly I'd be surprised if he fights Khan and forget a rematch with Ortis.

1128 days ago


Manny Pacquiao - dont want that stress. he refused to sighn the contract because pacquiao wont take a test stating that he dont do steriods! do your research you Mayweather hateers! lmao. at the end of the day nobody oponions matter because he still a champ and still rich so nothing else even matters. Ortiz got his ass spanked.. and he deserved it.. all the **** he was talking .. hee deserved it. and he knew he was going to get spanked.
i need to get off this because i feel the HATE! i stand for my black people thats doing something productive with their lives. leggo mayweather you spanked asss. ;] you get my vote anytime .

1128 days ago

arnold ramirez    

hes a piece of ****! a real fighter knows when their oponent is ready, ortiz's head butt was un called for but when the guy is apologizing, you dont finish a fight like that and you do not want to be remembered by cheap shots and dirty ways to win. bottom line is , hes scared to fight my boy manny pacqiuao!

1128 days ago
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