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Larry Merchant

Mayweather's a Prima Donna

9/18/2011 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0918_larry_merchant_video_tmz_exLarry Merchant was still full of piss and vinegar the day after Floyd Mayweather sucker punched his way to victory against Victor Ortiz.

Among many others, Merchant said "Pretty Boy" Floyd is a "prima donna" and definitely not a crowd-pleaser -- at least last night.

As for Merchant's claim he could have kicked Mayweather's butt 50 years ago -- let's put it this way ... the day after Larry made the comment, he wised up.

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OMG, is is possible that this is a story NOT related to the White House crashing frauds?! Another thing- the like/dislike feature is such bullsiht, it doesn't even work most of the time! Get it together TMZ, you guys suck more and more every day.

1095 days ago

get a life ho    

classy guy that Floyd ,.,.,,

1095 days ago


Gotta give grandpa credit for standing up to the guy. One punch and it would have been lights out, possibly for good.

1095 days ago

John Basedow    

i hate mayweather but, the old man never boxed professionally ever. Even in his prime, Merchant wouldnt stand a chance.

1095 days ago

Your Momma    

Glad to see the old man stood his ground and thank GOD Floyd did not lose his temper and punch the old guy. It would not have been pretty.

1095 days ago


Quote: He described Floyd's controversial knockout as a "legal sucker punch" but said Floyd was an "a prima donna, an outstanding fighter, ... a modern reality show in progress."

That should read: He described Floyd's controversial knockout as a "legal sucker punch" but said Floyd was "a prima donna, an outstanding fighter, ... a modern reality show in progress."

Any of your proofreaders graduate high school?

1095 days ago


Floyd Mayweather is the epitome of ..... "You can take the man out of the ghetto, however, you can't take the ghetto out of the man"!!!

If Floyd Mayweather thinks he's so good then does he always duck Manny Pacquiao. Answer, because Manny Pacquiao would whip his butt!!!

1095 days ago


Mayweather you are a disgrace to boxing you pathetic bum...I cant wait till pac-man sends your @$$ to the emergency room..You are a walking stereo type, and claim to be the best buy hand pick all of your opponents after their prime..Ortiz was putting the pressure on you and you saw an out with your sucker punch...Now go buy another worthless car because you are the most insecure person alive. Oh yeah dont forget to kiss your boyfriend 50 cent when he tuck you in bed tonight.

1095 days ago

The Real JJ    

"Was still pull of piss and vinegar"?? Anyway Mayweather needs a Pacquiao A** whoopin but Mayweather a coward!

1095 days ago

Mel Zipskin    

FM is gay his best friend is 50 Cent

Nuff said, a spoiled chump!!

1095 days ago


He's NOT a crowd pleaser, threatening an 80 yr old man? I hope someone comes along and cleans his clock but good. Notice Eleanor Mondale and Kara Kennedy passed away, BOTH well-known personalities, and TMZ just talks about the idiots Mayweather and the Salahi sluts? There IS more important news than any of those douchebags

1095 days ago


"Pull of piss and vinegar", eh? Damn that "P" key being so close to the "F" key.

1095 days ago


Please Larry was picking a fight the whole time. Floyd was actually taking the higher ground and trying to be positive. All I saw was a grippy old man badgering a guy trying to get a rise out of him. Larry lost his cool and he deserved Floyd's reaction to the situation.

1095 days ago


Floyd is a first class jerk. Always has been. He likes to call himself the greatest and tout his undefeated record but he has been ducking Manny Pacquiao for a few years now
just like he ducked Cotto and Margarito when THEY ruled the division. His legacy (as he likes to put it) will be defined by that. The way he talked to Merchant also proves what a no class A** hole he is. Merchant asks the tough questions and Floyd can't take it.

1095 days ago


Actually Larry fessed up later in the show last night and admitted even 50 years ago he'd have gotten beaten down. Non-story here...

Nobody cares about Mayweather. In 10 years his dominating and yet unmemorable career will earn him the same treatment that Lennox Lewis enjoys today for the same dominating/unmemorable career. Nobody will care or talk about him.

Larry made up for 20 years of stupidity with one line.

1095 days ago
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