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Floyd Mayweather's Dad

My Son Fought Fair ...100%

9/19/2011 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Floyd Mayweather's famous dad is in his son's corner -- telling TMZ, there was nothing underhanded about Floyd's sucker punch victory on Saturday ... adding, "The fight was 100% fair."

Floyd Mayweather Sr. tells us, "First of all, Ortiz headbutted Floyd and that was obviously intentional. If you re-watch the fight, you can see that right after they apologize to one another, the ref OK's them to fight."

"Floyd did the right thing -- the number one thing they will tell you in fighting is to ALWAYS protect yourself ... The way Floyd ended the fight was 100% fair."

Tell that to angry mobs everywhere.


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Dad is a pasenger on his son's money train, so of course it was 100% fair. Itf it went the other way around he would be thowing out the crying card.

1132 days ago

about 2 yrs ago    

1. just missed the discussion on TMZ live. Ugh!!! I never ran to the phone so fast...then disappointment when you guys hung up on me....

2. TMZ, i was disappointed that you didn't show a better fuller detailed clip. the way you'all present it - well, it is bad - but in the end i have to give it to Mayweather as "solid" in a squishy marsh standing kind of way...

3. Ortiz was dirty and he did start the whole thing with that nasty head butt then hitting Mayweather in the mouth when Mayweather was looking at Joe Cortez for some "hey, did you just see that crap help"
4. So none of this would have went down if it weren't for Ortiz being dirty in the first place.
5. then the REAL AND MAIN PROBLEM IS JOE CORTEZ - WHY??? because Cortez did not do his job properly!!!! Cortez was supposed to have a cleaner, solid, look in each boxer's eyes, stand solid between both, then put his hands out open and come in with a BIG CLAP and announce "BOX"!!!!! Cortez DID begin/open again but it was so dirty/sloppy that you couldn't even hardly see it clearly in the entire heat of it all --- so that was dirty #2 (perfect for Cortez in this situation cuz it was *******!!!! THEN Cortez WASN'T even LOOKING!!!!! Cortez is getting lazier than usual and CORTEZ NEEDS TO BE LET GO!!!! THIS IS TOTAL BS!!!
6. So then Ortiz can say he that he was still on pause, while the alert "professional" Mayweather knows what the heck is going on - the only one - apparently!!!! Sees that the pause is off and
7. Mayweather takes his dirty shot but it was - yes, it was - totally legal!!!!!! even though it was nasty! and dirty! it was totally legal!!!!
8. Ortiz - dirty #1, JOE CORTEZ - dirty #2, Mayweather - "dirty #3"; now, Larry Merchant....well, he was doing his job, although a little disrespectful to the legal winner, still doing his job so then Mayweather, really dirty, goes off on Merchant!!!! but, they have a history so both were digging into their respective persona's contra each other!!!!
9. Mayweather shouldn't have taken it out on Merchant but Merchant should know he also deals w/the remains of the fight, Joe Cortez should be fired for being too sloppy!!!!!!, and none of this would have even began if Ortiz was dirty in the first place.
10. you may not like it but Mayweather was in the right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Legally within the guidelines of box - I mean how many times is Ortiz going to apologize and expect Mayweather to listen PLUS GET THE BITCH KISS TOO!!!!!
11. Hey, Mayweather - I say knock the Bytch out!!!! OH YEAH, YOU DID - Plus, got $22.5 million more than Ortiz. Mayweather is laughing all the way to the bank!!!!
12. TMZ, don't you wish you had me on???? ;)

1132 days ago


All fighters fight dirty. Whether it's kidney shots, rabbit punches, head butting or just hanging on to the other guy. It's up to the ref at the end of the day. Mayweather will never fight Pacman because he's scared of him, pure and simple. Mayweathers's dad looks like Clarence Clemons on the slimfast and crack diet.

1132 days ago



1132 days ago

Bob Bain    

I tend to agree with his Dad. This was a boxing match and the ref started the fight up again. You are either in the fight to win, or not. This ortiz guy didn't step into the ring for a fight...instead he stepped into the ring to show how pretty his picture can be when taken. Then BOOM. That is what happens when you fail to pay attention.

1132 days ago


I cant stand mayweather cause hes a punk..he fights only those he has an advantage over such as figthers who are washed up. ALthough it was a sucker punch and a cheap shot, ortiz deserved every bit of it for what he did..thats not boxing and it wasnt an accident, it was intentional and he was sorry he got caught. Mayweather retaliated and i dont blame him. i was going for Ortiz by the way, but not anymore..still dont like mayweather though..ORTIZ GOT WHAT HE DESERVED..

1132 days ago


Short man complex!!! And why is every time you criticize a black man your a racist? Pleezzz people...stop using the race card when it nah needed, cause when we need it - its not taken serious Stop It... everyone is entitled to an opinion
mine- floyds true character shined thru while talking to the commentator

1132 days ago


You can have all the $$$ in da world and still have no CLASS....Mayweather dnt have no class...blk uneducated man is a DISASTER.

1132 days ago


Regardless, the ref is who blew this bout. He let them back in to the center of the ring without clear instructions as to what to do next.

1132 days ago


He just a douche ,that ain't racist

1132 days ago

suzy martinez    

Floyed Mayweather is a big ***** biatch punk ass ******aa I can't wait to see pac man kick his biatch azz !!!!

1132 days ago


What a punk move, I understand he was upset that he was head butted. I get it, I am sure he was not the only fighter that ever received a head butt. If you don't like it I suggest you move off the ropes. Ortiz did not deserve that sucker punch and that is what it was. I didn't even know the fight began and my eyes were glued to the television. I did not hear no ding and heck the ref had his head turn. I was very disappointed I think mayweather was scared and he wanted out of the fight so this resulted to the sucker punch. What I did love was the end when Merchant told Mayweather if he was 50 years younger he would kick his ass, that was CLASSIC.

1132 days ago


the ref didn't direct them to fight and was clearly no*****ching & talking to the judges at the time of the ko. Ref knew he ****** up & just called the fight.. nuff said

1132 days ago


My BF watched the fight and he said the ref CLEARLY said to continue the fight. It may look like a sucker punch, but once the ref says go, all bets are off. And really...a head butt Ortiz??? That's not very manly! And I am neither a fan or hater, just telling it like I see it. Sounds like those that dont like Floyd will continue with the "suckerpunched" routine while those that like Floyd will be with the fair punch. Again..if the ref says GO there is no "suckerpunch" unless you are a sucker and not punching! LOL!

1132 days ago


Yo Mayweather...I know your self absorb ass is reading this so I will make it simple. ALL the true boxng fans KNOW you are doing whatever you can do avoid Manny P. Square business-Manny would "walk the ******* dog on you" PERIOD!

1132 days ago
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