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Floyd Mayweather's Dad

My Son Fought Fair ...100%

9/19/2011 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Floyd Mayweather's famous dad is in his son's corner -- telling TMZ, there was nothing underhanded about Floyd's sucker punch victory on Saturday ... adding, "The fight was 100% fair."

Floyd Mayweather Sr. tells us, "First of all, Ortiz headbutted Floyd and that was obviously intentional. If you re-watch the fight, you can see that right after they apologize to one another, the ref OK's them to fight."

"Floyd did the right thing -- the number one thing they will tell you in fighting is to ALWAYS protect yourself ... The way Floyd ended the fight was 100% fair."

Tell that to angry mobs everywhere.


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When you fight a supreme boxer in the class of Floyd 'mula' Mayweather the one thing you should get correct is the basics, protect yourself at all times.Ortiz was looking for kisses and hugs all night after head butting,i wonder what the world would be saying if Mayweather was the one who had his guard down and got knocked out...?

1095 days ago



Karma is a bitch

1095 days ago


very simple, mayweather fears that he could be knocked out by ortiz anytime in the succeeding rounds, reason for him to outdo an unprotected opponent.. very unconvincing win nothing to be proud of!!

1095 days ago


Come on man. You really think ortiz was wining that fight? If so you should be pronounced legally blind. Ortiz was losing all three rounds. If anyone was fearing a loss it was ortiz, that would explain the headbutt that he attempted twice before connecting with Floyds lip. Remember the last time ortiz fought and undefeated boxer he scored a knockdown in the first round. Different story this time! Ortiz's frustration is what led him to losing his belt. Take away the headbutt and you would've saw the same results in four more rounds. Period!

1095 days ago


Floyd keep doing ya thang homie.Keep God first and everything else will fall in place

1093 days ago


Mayweather is a punk for that cheap shot the ref DID NOT resume the fight. It was a cheap shot even Mayweather said it. He kept saying well protect your self at all times...bull****. If that's the case after the bell rings that means i can go to the other corner and punch my opponent, get a K.O. and just say. "Hey well protect yourself at all times buddy". That's a stupid rule, boxing is becoming more lame every second.

1090 days ago


most if not all of these bloggers have no idea about how the fight game is.i fought many top name fighters in the 70's.most of my friends are ex fighters,living in GR,MICH most of my life i know the mayweather family male/female.
good fighters were in an out of the gyms in GR,99% of the anti Floyd haters cant wrap a fighters hand***** a bag,jump
rope(not girlie jump).betcha "cant beat manny is their cry"
He will beat him! Then it will be someone else perhaps a (Russian)heavy weight.Smart fighters fight who/when/where
when they are dam good and ready.pro Boxing is a business
Golden Gloves are to prove a point for the trophy.To many
of my good friends have been used up by the sport,but we are still pure boxing fans from fly to heavy weight.

1980 national champion

1087 days ago


Enough already....the punch was legal. Besides if Ortiz had done the same thing, what would your comments about Mayweather be? Personally I like Floyd as a boxer. Even if you don't like him, no one can honestly believe that he's afraid of Pac-man or anyone else for that matter. Give credit where credit's due.

1084 days ago
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