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Gary Collins and Wife


9/19/2011 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Gary Collins' wife of 43 years needs a time out in her marriage to the TV host ... TMZ has learned she filed Monday for legal separation.

Mary Ann Mobley -- who won the Miss America title in 1959 -- is "miserable about the whole situation" ... this according to her rep who spoke with TMZ.

Mary Ann is undergoing chemotherapy and radiation as she deals with stage 3 breast cancer.  Mary Ann's rep tells us Gary is depressed about her illness and they both felt they needed a break. 

The rep says no other person is involved in the separation. 

Gary has had his own problems, after being arrested 3 times and convicted twice for DUI.

The date of separation is listed as October 1, 2010 -- nearly a year ago.



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She's baaaack    

Married 45 years and they're both older than dirt and this sounds like spin, spin, spin. I think Gary is boning some young drunk broad and the wife's plastic surgeon told her to call it a day.

1132 days ago

Sickmund Fruendberg    

She is still beautiful but when you think of the alcoholism and stress related to it the whole fantasy of this great couple just ****ters. Treatment is the only thing to make the make believe real. So tragic.

1132 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Miss Mary Ann doesn't need to put up with his stinking, drunken, childish behavior. Good for her!

1132 days ago

Sickmund Fruendberg    

3 DUI's the only thing he is boning is the bottle- drunks can't keep it at attention that's for sure!

1132 days ago


What, is he porking michaele, too?

1132 days ago


Who didn't see this one coming? How she ever put up with him for this long is amazing. I am so sorry to hear she is ill, she is in my thoughts and prayers.

1132 days ago


She has cancer and is going through chemo and HE'S depressed about it???!!! what a selfish jerk...She's better off without him...

1132 days ago


She's an angel and a beauty and she needs MUCH LESS stress in her life. How creepy and selfish is this guy to not make things easier for her in this difficult time? Disgusting drunk and totally useless as a human being.

1132 days ago


Here is a pic of him with his girlfriend in front of his "Monkey Business" boat. Oh yeah...

1132 days ago


The least he can do is keep himself together for her. It isn't about HIS depression. Unless he is in fact chasing some young bimbo and about to pull a John Edwards on her.

1132 days ago


sounds like you could use a drink, eh gary?

1132 days ago


Good for her who needs that hassle nothing worse than continuing to deal him especially since she is ill.She truly loved him a lesser woman would have left his drunk ass long ago. Good luck to her

1132 days ago


Hey, longagain, you better look again. Your photo is of Gary HART not Gary COLLINS. Nice try, NOT.

1132 days ago


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1132 days ago


Men are ********, I divorced my spouse when I had stage 3 cancer. They cant handle it and expect everyone else to. He will die from some other cancer and she will live thats karma. what a douche

1132 days ago
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