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Salahi Dog Dies

Of a Broken Heart?

9/19/2011 6:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

, the Doberman Pinscher that was so depressed he couldn't get out of bed after Michaele abandoned him, has died.

Just before midnight Sunday, Rio passed at the family home in Virginia.  Rio, who suffered a heart attack several weeks ago, has been on meds ever since.  Just before he died, Tareq gave the pooch his heart Rx, Rio then started yelping, and he was gone.

Tareq is hysterical and blames Michaele, for creating all the stress.

As for Michaele, she's still banging the Journey guitarist.


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What a ****.

1127 days ago


I think the dog commited suicide after realizing he was going to have to put up with Salahis for the rest of his life.

1127 days ago

Winter Scherborn    

Or, Tareq Salahi could have killed the dog because she left that one thing behind, that was her most beloved companion whom her husband knew she loved very much.

So withhold Rio's medication, after heart surgery, and the dog dies, or give it an injection of air, if there were needles in the house, and the dog dies of an embolism.

Then Tareq gets her back for breaking his heart, by killing the dog that would guarantee to break hers. And in private, he could always tell her that the life of her dog is what her adultery cost her.

That on top of the pre-nup that pretty much allegedly insures she'll be broke and homeless, due to his discretion as to what monies she may or may not receive.

With the reputation Tareq has already as a conman, is it impossible to believe he'd kill a dog, to pay back his wife who left him for another man? Ego and greed is what makes a conman tick.

Rest in peace dear Rio. :*(

1127 days ago


I agreed with Tom C. - the husband murdered her poor innocent dog to get even with her. She should take her dog with her when she was leaving. PETA org. probe on the sick husband. He get fine for animal cruelty by court. They must not have any human children or pets.

1127 days ago


What a sick mother F-er to kill the dog! She's a selfish BITCH to leave the dog behind for the lunatic to kill!

1127 days ago


I don't Michaele a BIT! Tareq is a total jack ass! I'd cut my own arms off rather than be with that jerk!

1127 days ago


Well he lived a full life with his best friends the Pathetic Grifters.

1126 days ago


This is so sad for all involved. Especially the vet and the other dozens of people who will never be paid off by the grifting Salahi crime family. Hopefully the bankrupcy auction this weekend will pay some of them.

1126 days ago


This guy is a real moron. He gave the dog his heart meds??

1124 days ago


Dobermans are prone to Dilated Cardiomyopathy, or DCM, and it sounds like what Rio had. Rio probably had an incident, got put on the meds, and then died. Stress is not what killed him....nice try, Tareq!

1028 days ago
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