Tareq Salahi My Wife Is Killing Our Dog

9/17/2011 5:22 AM PDT

Tareq Salahi: My Wife Is Killing Our Dog

Rio the Doberman Pinscher has become collateral damage in the bitter break-up between Michaele and Tareq Salahi.

TMZ has obtained video Tareq shot Tuesday morning -- hours before Michaele left the house for Tennessee to bang rock star Neal Schon.

In the first video, you see Rio -- who recently had a heart attack and only has a few weeks to live -- laying in bed with Michaele. As Tareq runs the camera, you hear Michaele proclaim her love for him.

The second video was shot Friday evening. Tareq says poor Rio is so depressed over Michaele's departure, he can't get out of bed.

So Michaele not only betrayed her husband, she screwed the pooch.