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Mayweather's KO

Definitely Cheap ... but Fair

9/19/2011 1:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Did Floyd Mayweather sucker punch Victor Ortiz? Yes. Was Ortiz stupid for not defending himself? Absolutely. Is it possible for Harvey "I'm a Lawyer" Levin to debate BOXING with sports guru Fred Roggin? Damn straight.

And, can dogs die from a broken heart? "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan calls in to explain why the concept isn't so far-fetched. Plus, restaurant horror stories that make Christina Milian's ABC gum incident look appetizing.


(2:50) Floyd Mayweather's 's cheap shot on Victor Ortiz.
(4:40) Can a villain like Floyd save boxing?
(7:20) NBC sports guru Fred Roggin -- who goes WAY BACK with Harvey -- is on the phone ... and he doesn't understand why Ortiz put his guard down ... or got so kissy.
(10:10) The UFC vs. boxing.
(12:10) Larry Merchant -- the real winner of the fight.
(18:45) The Salahi's dog dies a WEEK after Michaele left ... and Tareq thinks it died from depression.
(20:00) "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan says dogs DEFINITELY suffer emotionally when their owners break up.
(20:45) One of the saddest photos EVER.
(29:00) Christina Milian finds ABC gum in her salad -- which begs the question ... can you get "mouth herpes" from such a situation?
(35:30) Max says Harvey and Hitler have "similar traits."

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RE: Mayweather
Its just like the old hiding the baseball in the glove,and it worked! I just want to see a rematch.

1133 days ago


Enough of the wall to wall Salahi coverage. They are washed up fame whores who will do anything to get their names in the media. The Emmys were last night; show some real celebrities on the red carpet. Come on, TMZ. Give us some real scoop.

1133 days ago


After 4 rounds of power punches from Ortiz , Floyd knew 8 more would be punishment so he took the cheap way out. Ortiz is schooled in the old fashion way. Boxing is a religion. At 34,and his mouth doing overtime, Mayweather is worried about his life style and money. No matter how many millions he has earned the boy is from the ghetto. He would not have won the fight and its not the first time Floyd has "hung" on an opponent to tire him out or did other sneaky stuff to win. This was just so in your face. You will NEVER in a million years see the Klitschko Bros. do something so low and NEVER would Oscar de la Hoya have done something so street to win a fight.The crowd knew it was dirty and told Floyd so. Tick, tick, tick, time is almost up Floyd.

1133 days ago

Winston Smith    

If you rewind the video and look at the Ref, he never told the fighters to begin fighting again. They were still in a time-out. So the knock-out does not count officially. Further more,the "Ref" was totally distracted by the judges before and during the two punches. This entire fight stinks like a rigged fight.

1133 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

yah, whatevs. dint even wonch it. was the boringest fight EVRRRRRR!

1133 days ago


I was at the fight and I can tell you that most in attendance felt that Ortiz did throw a cheap shot with his headbutt and was pushed accordingly by having a point removed. While his sucker punch was legal, his move was done against the rule of sportsmanship. You could see that he was winning the fight and many felt that it would only be a matter of time before Mayweather would get the win. But as a champion, his move only added to the bad taste left by Ortiz's headbutt and adds credibility to UFC/MMA's popularity growth. But in regards to Ortiz, he had already apologized while Joe Cortez was taking the point away, so he left himself vulnerable by being overly apologetic.

1133 days ago


Clearly the Ref had them touch gloves and moved back, which is the universal move to let the fighters know to "FIGHT". The fact that Ortiz didn't have his hands up is not the fault of Mayweather. Come on. And I'm not even a Mayweather fan.

1133 days ago


How many apologies does one have to give? He apologized in the corner and sealed it with a kiss for one.

Two, he tried again when it was time to fight. Period. I'm guessing Mayweather should have stood there twidling his thumbs until Ortiz realized it was time to get back to business. Riiight.

I think Ortiz is a great fighter; young in his career, but still a great fighter.

Good business for boxing. Sad but true.

1133 days ago


bwahahaha cry me a river that head butt was illigal how about that no one is talking about that 2 head butts cmon is anyone out there defending that?

1133 days ago


What Ortiz did was wrong but what Mayweather did was worse. The ref still had his hand between them when he was distracted by the judges on the side. You can see that he is not even looking at the fighters. To rule the cheap shots as a knockout is wrong, whether or not Mayweather thought the ref told them to box which I don't think he did. Mayweather is afraid to lose and will do anything to win. His bull**** about cleaning up boxing is just that, bull****.

1133 days ago


Has Tareq closed all of Michaele's credit cards? Does she have any finances of her own? You know she's going to get dropped and soon. How will she continue the lifestyle that she's gotten accustomed to?

1133 days ago


Don't like her, grudgingly say she was much better than I thought

1133 days ago


So.. is NANCY Pregnant .. or just OVERWEIGHT ?

Mike Dailing

1133 days ago


We think Harvey truly hates women or at least has serious issues with them. No matter what the story is: Arnold, Mel Gibson, this Tareq guy, etc...Harvey always takes the male side and attacks the woman. He goes after the woman relentlessly in story after story.

1133 days ago


check gum for DNA might be only hers. She was probably chewing gum and forgot ... and was embarrassed to admit it when her wad fouled the salad.

1133 days ago
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