TMZ Live Mayweather's KO Definitely Cheap ... but Fair

9/19/2011 1:32 PM PDT

TMZ Live 9/19/11: Floyd Mayweather Knockout -- Cheap Shot ... But Fair

Did Floyd Mayweather sucker punch Victor Ortiz? Yes. Was Ortiz stupid for not defending himself? Absolutely. Is it possible for Harvey "I'm a Lawyer" Levin to debate BOXING with sports guru Fred Roggin? Damn straight.

And, can dogs die from a broken heart? "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan calls in to explain why the concept isn't so far-fetched. Plus, restaurant horror stories that make Christina Milian's ABC gum incident look appetizing.

(2:50) Floyd Mayweather's 's cheap shot on Victor Ortiz.
(4:40) Can a villain like Floyd save boxing?
(7:20) NBC sports guru Fred Roggin -- who goes WAY BACK with Harvey -- is on the phone ... and he doesn't understand why Ortiz put his guard down ... or got so kissy.
(10:10) The UFC vs. boxing.
(12:10) Larry Merchant -- the real winner of the fight.
(18:45) The Salahi's dog dies a WEEK after Michaele left ... and Tareq thinks it died from depression.
(20:00) "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan says dogs DEFINITELY suffer emotionally when their owners break up.
(20:45) One of the saddest photos EVER.
(29:00) Christina Milian finds ABC gum in her salad -- which begs the question ... can you get "mouth herpes" from such a situation?
(35:30) Max says Harvey and Hitler have "similar traits."