TMZ Live Mayweather's KO Definitely Cheap ... but Fair


Did Floyd Mayweather sucker punch Victor Ortiz? Yes. Was Ortiz stupid for not defending himself? Absolutely. Is it possible for Harvey "I'm a Lawyer" Levin to debate BOXING with sports guru Fred Roggin? Damn straight.

And, can dogs die from a broken heart? "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan calls in to explain why the concept isn't so far-fetched. Plus, restaurant horror stories that make Christina Milian's ABC gum incident look appetizing.


(2:50) Floyd Mayweather's 's cheap shot on Victor Ortiz.
(4:40) Can a villain like Floyd save boxing?
(7:20) NBC sports guru Fred Roggin -- who goes WAY BACK with Harvey -- is on the phone ... and he doesn't understand why Ortiz put his guard down ... or got so kissy.
(10:10) The UFC vs. boxing.
(12:10) Larry Merchant -- the real winner of the fight.
(18:45) The Salahi's dog dies a WEEK after Michaele left ... and Tareq thinks it died from depression.
(20:00) "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan says dogs DEFINITELY suffer emotionally when their owners break up.
(20:45) One of the saddest photos EVER.
(29:00) Christina Milian finds ABC gum in her salad -- which begs the question ... can you get "mouth herpes" from such a situation?
(35:30) Max says Harvey and Hitler have "similar traits."