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Mayweather's KO

Definitely Cheap ... but Fair

9/19/2011 1:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Did Floyd Mayweather sucker punch Victor Ortiz? Yes. Was Ortiz stupid for not defending himself? Absolutely. Is it possible for Harvey "I'm a Lawyer" Levin to debate BOXING with sports guru Fred Roggin? Damn straight.

And, can dogs die from a broken heart? "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan calls in to explain why the concept isn't so far-fetched. Plus, restaurant horror stories that make Christina Milian's ABC gum incident look appetizing.


(2:50) Floyd Mayweather's 's cheap shot on Victor Ortiz.
(4:40) Can a villain like Floyd save boxing?
(7:20) NBC sports guru Fred Roggin -- who goes WAY BACK with Harvey -- is on the phone ... and he doesn't understand why Ortiz put his guard down ... or got so kissy.
(10:10) The UFC vs. boxing.
(12:10) Larry Merchant -- the real winner of the fight.
(18:45) The Salahi's dog dies a WEEK after Michaele left ... and Tareq thinks it died from depression.
(20:00) "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan says dogs DEFINITELY suffer emotionally when their owners break up.
(20:45) One of the saddest photos EVER.
(29:00) Christina Milian finds ABC gum in her salad -- which begs the question ... can you get "mouth herpes" from such a situation?
(35:30) Max says Harvey and Hitler have "similar traits."

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It's a FREAKING dog!

1128 days ago


Mayweather is a punk that will fight anyone but Manny.

1128 days ago


ORTIZ was the P*SSY who head butted Mayweather So gettin his A** knocked out was what he deserved after that move

1128 days ago


The real losers here are the fans..Boxing use to be a great sport to watch bc there were real champions that acted like professionals yes they hyped up the fight as part of the show but never to the degree where you act like a want to be thug..There needs to be a conduct code for boxing just like all the other sports so you don't pay to watch a fight with your kids and you get nothing but foul mouth lowlife talking **** on TV calling out Larry Merchant who is a pain in the ass commentator but where do you draw the would not see that at any pro sports bc you would get fined or suspended..Its the boxing commission's fault for letting floyd get this far acting like a low life ni&%er..its time for change and get a act of conduct rules added to boxing..Ortiz messed up by fighting dirty but that doesn't open the door for floyd to act like how ever he wants..Floyd saw Ortiz didn't have his guard up and took advantage of that but a real champion would have not done that and that's why floyd will never be known for being a great champ and he could be making so much more money if he would get out of his ghetto act bc that's all it is a act..

1128 days ago


if Mayweather is as great as he tells people he is, then he didn't have to resort to a cheap shot like that. Was it legal, yes. But common sportmanship sense, if two fighter are 'hugging' you don't hit on the break. Trust me, every real boxer out there are ALL saying that he is a cheap piece of crap for taking that shot. I don't know how he can live with himself, but he obviously finds a way. Then again, he cheap shots a guy, yells and curses at a 80 year old man on live tv, calls for him to be fired, arrested for domestic violence... somehow I doubt he has a hard time sleeping at night.

1128 days ago


All yall cry babies becuz Maywether is super great. He retaliated on a sucka move that Ortiz did. Eye for an eye. Ortiz was clearly satisfied just to be in the presence after he clearly knew a win was impossible. He became a groupie

1128 days ago


I didn't see the fight but they always say protect yourself at all times so Ortiz has no beef.After head butting Mayweather calling him dirty is lame.I'm not a Mayweather fan cause i can't enjoy any fighter who is so full of himself and can't wait till Pacman punches his ticket!

1128 days ago

who dat    

Show up late then put on a lousy show. This is 40 minutes you'l never get back. Don't waste your time watching it.

1128 days ago


Cheap and Dirty just like TMZ;at least I was entertained watching Mayweather.

1128 days ago


I will be the first to say i am not a Mayweather fan. But that fight last night was won fair and square. If anybody wants to talk about cheap shots, lets first start with the head but Ortiz gave to Mayweather. Thats what got Ortiz knocked out to begin with. Further more i also believe, in boxing, protect yourself at all times. Look, if you people out there want to make excuses for Ortiz then your watching the wrong sport. Ortiz got knocked out by Mayweather fair and square. Nothing at all cheap about the shot. But Ortiz will keep his guard up from here on out.

1128 days ago

money over lames    

I guess know one is complain about george lopez moms benny cheap shots head butts and sucker punching besides he was go to get knock out sooner later

1128 days ago

thats wat u get    

Ortiz is an idiot he thought he was in a bullfight..and he got knocked the f@#$ out.and Mayweather just tapped him twice.A true boxer knows never bring your gloves down and always stay on guard.Now to a real fight Mayweather/Paquiao..come on

1128 days ago


I have no idea why the ones the post here go on about how irrelevant the Solahi's are. They are fame whores no more or less than any so called celeb. All celebs lives are totally irrelevant to me; it's just entertaining to see them screw up. So those so called A listers or film/tv people are no more or less relevant than anyone else that becomes famous enough for TMZ to cover their story.

I just don't like when TMZ capitalizes on cases that involve children ie. Casey Anthony. Her kid dies somehow and she doesn't seem to care nor do her parents (re: swimming with dolphins photos etc..) and TMZ ultimately milked that forever. All of this at the behest of a dead child. Nancy Grace is just a news reporter and let's not forget that what put CNN was the OJ trial. Tragedy put CNN on the map. Does TMZ need that sort of scenario to bolster their presence and brand? I don't think so. Just stick to the entertainment. Most of the people TMZ covers most people have never even heard of so TMZ helps to give them the 15 minutes so they can in turn milk that. Cover stories that at least entertain not milk some human tragedy.

1127 days ago


At the beginning, I was rooting for Mayweather. I agree that Ortiz needed to be hit, but when the ref cleared the fight so he knew he had to defend himself.All this BS about Always protecting yourself, get it straight. MW was not protecting himself from anything when he had been apologized to.Ortiz realized what he did. what ppl don't understand is that they have to get pissed to hit hard, look at MW, he has anger issues and has been arrested for those too. I am not saying Ortiz went about it correctly, but MW needs to stop saying he was protecting himself becuase there was nothing to protect himself at the time he made the punk punches. As far as going off on an old man, its the old man's job to interrogate and question. MW thinks the world is against him. PUHLEEZ, go see a psychiatrist w/some of that money dude!!

1127 days ago


OMG and 50 cent posting a pic of MW's gift to him - a watch. Yep, he has to buy his friends... dumbass....

1127 days ago
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