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Gayle King

Sued By Matchmaker

For Not Delivering "Oprah"

9/21/2011 1:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So if you had any doubt about whether Gayle King is a lesbian scratch that, because Gayle is being sued by a famous matchmaker who claims she hooked Gayle up with a bunch of "attractive, fit, and wealthy men," but Gayle reneged on her promise to put her on "Oprah."

Orly Hadida -- aka Orly the Matchmaker -- claims 2 years ago she made a deal with Gayle to provide her with matchmaking services.  According to the lawsuit, Orly waived her $500,000 fee, and in return Gayle promised to get Orly a guest spot on "Oprah."

Orly alleges she spent hundreds of hours hooking Gayle up with 5 men -- all fabulous.  Orly claims Gayle went on several dates with more than one of the men. 

According to the lawsuit, back in May Orly panicked, realizing Oprah's show was coming to a quick end.  So she says she sent Gayle an email, saying since she clearly wasn't going to appear on Oprah she wanted to get paid.

Gayle's rep had no comment.


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Victoria N.    

Gosh. I wonder how long Gayle is going to leech off Oprah before she opens her eyes to it. Five, ten, maybe 15 years from now? I thought Oprah was smarter than that.

1094 days ago


Isn't she married with kids?

1094 days ago


Gayle is not gay...500,000 for rich folk ain't much, ya'll ever watch millionaire matchmaker??
If she did not get this in writing, she may be outta luck, Gayle change your might get lucky

1094 days ago


Dating men doesn't prove that you're straight. Bi-sexuality, anyone???

P.S., WHO FRIGGIN' CARES if either Gayle King or Oprah are lesbians? Are all the other problems of the world solved yet? No? Then does this really matter???

1093 days ago


Anyone who charges $500k to hook a woman up with five dudes should be shot square in the face.

1093 days ago


Who cares what these RICH PEOPLE do! Bottom line, Gayle is RICH from knowing Oprah, and Orly is trying to get RICHER from not having the opportunity to know Oprah. If this lawsuit is about a verbal agreement between the two, and nothing was legally written in stone or recorded, then Orly's team of lawyers will have to show the burden of proof. Soooooo good luck with that!!!

1084 days ago


anyone associated with Winfrey takes their life into their own hands. gross.

985 days ago


and, just saying, it's "oral" agreement. a written agreement is a verbal agreement, too. just saying.

985 days ago


Who would pay $500K to meet a man? Any man! But even if you are looking for someone super-rich you've got to know the guy might marry you but he'll want a pre-nup and he'll dump you for someone younger within a decade so how do you plan to recoup on your investment? What woman is dumb enough to do sign on for Orly the Matchmaker?

985 days ago


Oh...Please! Come on! Do Oprah and Gayle really think the public is THAT naive? This is a setup, a ruse by Oprah and Gayle to stem the questions about their alleged lesbian relationship. Gayle goes to a matchmaker who promises to hook Gayle up on several dates with great men. In return, Gayle says she will put the matchmaker on Oprah's show, which she has no intention of doing because her goal is to anger the matchmaker enough that she will go to the press. Of course, Gayle goes on the dates but fails to deliver Oprah. Upset, the matchmaker goes to the press about how two rich women were either too forgetful, too dishonest or too bitter to meet their end of the deal, which was to put her on the Oprah show. The story leaks, but the public's interest is of course fixated on the idea that Gayle was looking for a man and not the leftover bill resulting from Gayle's failure to deliver Oprah - which everyone knows will be paid. The alternative scenario is that the matchmaker is also in on the sham and got PAID to leak a story to the press so that the public hears that Gayle was searching for a male partner. Now, would Oprah, who has been meticulous about her image with money, finances, and appears to be the model of responsibility, allow herself or her friend to reneg on such a deal? Oprah...who chastizes guests for being late to her show?! Nice try Oprah and Gayle! This makes you look even MORE lesbian. This story was too convenient.

984 days ago
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