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Russell Armstrong's Lawyer

Taylor's Bruise Pics Are Phony!

9/20/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Armstrong has sunk to a new low, according to her late husband's lawyer -- who claims the black eye photos she recently sold for 6 figures to E.T. are nothing but a shameless hoax.

The lawyer, Ronald Richards, tells TMZ ... the injuries depicted in the pictures were not inflicted by Russell.

According to Ronald, the injuries in the photos are either from plastic surgery ... or a recent incident involving a football to the face -- but not from domestic violence.

Richards tells TMZ, "If Mr. Armstrong was the cause of those injuries he would have been arrested and prosecuted."  Richards also notes ... Taylor never filed a police report.

Sources close to Taylor insist the pics are legit -- claiming Taylor never reported any injuries because she was under enormous pressure to keep up appearances for the show.

As one source puts it -- the black eye pics are just the tip of the iceberg ... the rest make Rihanna's battered face "look like child's play."


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I have to agree- no doctor reported that she was beaten to cause that issue on her face. I also agree that she is just ugly ugly ugly. She is just after the money anyway that she can get it. Those other gals on the HWOBH will soon wise up and move on - most of those women have better class then Taylor will ever have.

1128 days ago


This bimbo is a fraud.

1128 days ago


This just in: Taylor's pics are phony but Russell WAS responsible for the bruised eye on Reese Witherspoon. More to come as details emerge...

1128 days ago


You believe Taylor? You don't know Taylor!!! She was in the scams alongside her husband. She sold photo's of her makeup enhanced "black eye" to papers who print it is "black eyes" and "shocking"....the woman is a liar and she cheated people out of money. Also, there is no proof that Russell committed suicide. They also think he and his business partner could have been murdered. Russell survived a couple divorces -- he would have survived Taylor.

1128 days ago


All the writers keep saying SHOCKING and BLACK EYES and BROKEN CHEEKBONES. All I ever saw was one black eye that looked enhanced with makeup and shiny stuff.

1128 days ago


this attorney is as bad as cassey anthonys attorney. give it up. you have not proof nor clue what taylor and russels life was like. all you know is what russel told you and he was obviously protecting himself. people like you who call themselfs attorneys need to go get a real job. lies, rarely win cases. shame on you.

1128 days ago


Here we go again - Some white people suffering from the "O.J symdrome " a.k.a feeling the need to defend a douche bag becasue they somehow share your skin color . Sorry Taylor , maybe If Russel was black or say Chris brown, then they might believe you...Everyone knew , including the Producers , this women was beaten...Russel was a wife beating douche-bag , and I don't feel the need to defend him..

1128 days ago


PHONY -MY -ARSE .........

1128 days ago


They looked like plastic surgery bruises to me, god knows shes had enough!

1128 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

The SEC doesn't care about what her dead husband allegedly did behind closed doors. They care about her participation in the alleged violations of which there are many! She's going DOWN, and not on a fattie!

1128 days ago


The lies of Traylor Shauna Hughes Ford Armstrong.

In Traylor's own words.

1128 days ago

Just Karen    

No way did she fake those injuries. She was beaten very badly by her husband!!!! Poor Woman!!! She deserves better!!!

1128 days ago


How are so many people so certain it's fake? I feel so sad for any battered women out there who are afraid to tell of the truth because of reactions like this. I'm not saying that Taylor's accusations are true - I'm just saying that none of us have any idea whether they are or not.

1128 days ago


Both of these idiots appear as shady as they come. He seemed to be a self centered moron.
But no where near as self absorbed as a woman who spends over $50K on a kids birthday party basically for herself. They couldn't get a picture of the kid having a smile on her face no matter what. And her pix seems odd to me, like they were not consistent with a battery type injury. PLUS, how could she not know about the financial mess they were in, to quote her, "their marriage is 80% business and 20% romance." So how could she not know, being a "top corporate management consultant". Full of ****.

1128 days ago


I think now Taylor might stage a mental break down to avoid the trouble she is in , because of her shady dealings...I really do think this woman is a phony

1128 days ago
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