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50 Cent

The Fabolous Fight Was


9/21/2011 9:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

50 Cent is telling friends ... there's a reason he was laughing his ass off at Ray J and Fabolous -- their little Twitter feud was like a fight between two school girls.

We posted video of the Vegas "brawl," which shows Fiddy standing in the background grinning as Ray J and Fabolous went at it.

Sources close to Fiddy tell TMZ, contrary to what some witnesses are saying, the rapper didn't egg Ray J and Fabolous on.  He just couldn't believe they were seriously arguing over Twitter.

Days after the fight, Ray J was still taking himself way too seriously in Vegas -- telling us, "I'm not that proud of nothing that happened."

Fact is ... rapper feuds over Twitter kinda ruins the whole street cred thing.

So we ask ...


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He's a punk just like his "partner" mayweather!

1130 days ago


Ridicolous? LOL!?!?!?!?!

1130 days ago

nipples mugee    

Don't know anything about this, I just come to this site to look at the chick on the revenge ads..

1130 days ago

Ya Mon    

I give 5, cents credit he actually trains to old sport but RayGay and 2 Fabulous ARE spoiled lil' girls they have as much street cred as "WEBSTER."

1130 days ago


That's because they are like two school girls. I wouldn't doubt it was all a set up just to get some attention.

1130 days ago

Delaware D    

Speaking of the man, when is 50's movie "THINGS FALL APART" finally coming out? The trailer was first posted over a year ago!!

1130 days ago


If you look closely, it wasn't Ray J who hit Fabolous, it was Mayweather. He clocked him when no one was loooking...

1130 days ago


Yeah, I find it ridicolous too!!!

1130 days ago


Some good-ass weed!

Check it out Dogg; this game is a mother****in trip man
Word on the streets
Everybody always tryin to run up on me
hollerin about word on the street is dis ***** said dis..
Man I don't give a **** about what that ***** said man!
That's what's wrong with you *****z, you *****z is just like bitches
Hoe-ass *****z, talk too mother****in much (speak)
Study your own, get your own -- yahmsayin?
Be independent ***** - BEOTCH!

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[Snoop] and you too (beotch)..

Hmm.. Dogg..
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And I really don't know, but that's just how it go (damn)
Dogg - so many *****z like to keep up ****
And just like a bitch (beotch) *****z be talkin **** (*****)
Smilin in my face and then they blast me in the back (ka-ka-ka-ka-ka)
*****z stay strapped from way back, cause payback..'ll
make *****z wanna pop that ****
If you ain't ready for the game (uh-uh) ***** stop that ****
We rock that ****, my ***** Dre, drop that **** (right)
No mo' talkin, I'm walkin and I'm poppin the clip
Glock on the hip, set-trippin dippin an' ****
If you act like a bitch (*****) ***** you get smacked like a bitch

Bitch *****z, bitch *****z (bitch *****z)

1130 days ago


people can get into arguements on any site. 50 cent was shot fifty times and the cost of the bullets amounted to 50 cents and thats how he got his name. so to anyone like fifty cent you would have to be shot like 51 times in order for him to earn his respect. but, my little oopinion little girls shot people and its men that use fist to fist combat and if not use their words to be able to defuse the situation

1130 days ago


Freakin' idiots. #thatisall

1130 days ago

Trevis Miho    

Not everyone speaks like that...what the f**k does "jump the shark" mean? And "tweets" aren't hard, if I was 50, I'd be crackin' up too. Kids..

1130 days ago


Ray J "had" to act tough just cause Mayweather was there. Look @ the size of Ray J & the size of Fabolous, Ray J just picked on someone smaller than him, as far as i'm concerned,Mayweather & Ray J deserve each other.

1130 days ago


Ray J is a joke - and he has no clue of that. He probably thinks people like him. When will Brandy's little brother see that the small percentage of people who actually heard of him think he is a total loser.

1130 days ago


Ray J and Fab going at it isn't a brawl, it's more like a slap fighting, hair pulling, fingernail scratching match. Call me when Raekwon, Jada, or Maino are brawling.

1130 days ago
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