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Mel Gibson

Accused of Pastry Meltdown!

9/21/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson
allegedly tried to run over a man outside a Costa Rican bakery ... but at least one eyewitness tells TMZ the man's a liar.

Quick backstory -- Nader Sharif sued Mel, claiming the actor swindled him out of $200,000 by cajoling him into investing in a recyclable rubber company.

Sharif filed a lawsuit in June, but he's filing new documents today, in which he claims Mel tried to mow him down in July, after the two ran into each other at a Costa Rican bakery.

Sharif says Mel got violent, calling him "vile and offensive names" and threatening him with physical harm if he didn't skip town.

Sharif alleges Mel stormed out of the bakery and got into his car. Sharif  says he left the premises moments later, and Mel "accelerated the car to a high rate of speed" and drove the car directly at him while multitasking by giving him the finger!  Sharif says he jumped out of the way... narrowly escaping his fate as Costa Rican roadkill.

But a witness tells TMZ it's all hogwash.  He says Mel was trying to enjoy a "sweet pastry" and a cup of coffee, when Sharif walked in the bakery and tried to confront him. He claims Mel asked Sharif to leave, to no avail.  The witness says Mel left ... Sharif followed. The witness says at no time did Mel drive toward Sharif.  And he says there are at least 7 other witnesses who will tell the same story.

If only Oksana was there to record the incident.


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I guess we will continue to see stories like this. People see Mel and find a giant target on his back. Sharif sounds more like a stalker trying to instigate an incident in order to get money... sounds familiar, worked for Oksana.
It amuses me to see all the haters believing this story... oh wait, they must have been fooled by the whole change crap too!

1127 days ago


ROFLMAO. Multi-tasking him by giving him the finger. Gotta love it. I call BS also

1127 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Hey Mel, PLEASE run the douchebag over next time! There's nothing worse for society that people who lie for a payday, including the women who "accidentally" get knocked up so they can add that child support to their income!

1127 days ago

northern gypsy    

it's official folks...M.G. has become a target for any money hungry crazy...not sure what's his next move but it's going to be a uphill battle !!! all this because of a mid life crisis...sad really !!!

1127 days ago


What ever happened to people earning their own money?? Lying to get $$$ out of someone is just despicable. Someone tell this new money grubber to get off his a$$ and get a job! Mel worked hard for his money and doesn't deserve to have every lazy idiot trying to leech off him!
This guy should hook up with Oksana, they could plot against their next victim for $$ together!

1127 days ago


Snarky thought of the day --

Sharif probably has a karaoke video out right now and needs the publicity just like you-know-who.

Tee hee

1127 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Dude is obviously a sensationalist, just like Nancy Disgrace!

1127 days ago


Nonstory. Only interesting to those who enjoy repeating ugly allegations. One independant witness has negated it, with the potential of seven more doing the same. Talk to a cop at the scene of an accident; it's the independant witness' story which holds more weight than those involved in the incident.


1127 days ago


Sharif... Sharif .... Your first attempt at an obviously bogus lawsuit is going down in flames so you decide to come up with an even more ridiculous lawsuit on an "incident" that took place back in July?

If you are taking cues from Ox you might want to rethink things as you can see how well all her BS worked.

1127 days ago


wow,....I am beginning to wonder id someone put a curse on Mel Gibson,....everytime I turn around someone is stirring up some s*it and throwing it towards Mel, and seeing if it will stick. While Mel might be a racist homophob,does he ever get a-n-y rest? I would think that crazy azz bitch Oksana would have made him dog tired. Other than a v-e-r-y screwed up personal life,...the man is a brilliant filmmaker. Yea, Yea Mel, your're a catholica, so am I,...but if you want to have sex, use the rhythm method,...Oksana is crazy,...but the next one might be crazier, safe buddy....

1127 days ago

some guy    

I heard Melvin's more broke than the government. Who's this Sharifer trying to fool?

1127 days ago


Poor guy--Mel has a sign on his head saying, "Perjure yourself for ca***** my expense". BTW, the fact that Oksana was not there is really no problem. She and her faithful recording engineer may well be working on producing recordings of the incident as I type.

1127 days ago


And he's just remembering this? He didn't remember this in June when he filed his complaint? Did he file a police report? I'm guessing NOT as it didn't happen! This is utter BS and Mel isn't responsible for HIS bad investment decision.

1127 days ago


Those crazy Costa Ricans. Funny story...a friend of mine's Dad is a small hotel owner in Costa Rica. He was walking down the street and got run down (for no reason) by a passing car in the city. He is ok now, but at the time, he called his son and said "they ran me down like a dog, son!" use southern accent. Great guy :)

1127 days ago


it's good that gibletz has his 7 kids to act as witnesses

1127 days ago
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