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Ray J vs. Fabolous

Vicious Club Fight Footage

& 50 Cent's the Ringleader

9/21/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


TMZ has obtained footage of the Vegas nightclub brawl between Ray J and Fabolous -- and the wildest part ... sources tell us, 50 Cent stirred up the whole thing.

We're told Fiddy had been encouraging Ray to confront Fabolous about their recent Twitter feud -- and Ray finally decided to get in Fab's face at Moon nightclub inside The Palms casino.

In the clip, you can see 50 standing between Ray and Fabolous ... with a big ass grin.

But we're told Fiddy actually jumped in to break things up when Ray J and Fab started scrapping.

As we previously reported, Ray J was booted from the club after the fight -- but he was not arrested.


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queen love    

Somebody get little Brandy's brother before he gets hurt. (blank stare)

1129 days ago

Good riddance!    

Brilliant camera work there, Sparky.

1129 days ago


I can't take Brandy's brother seriously. He needs to have several seats..._/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/

1129 days ago


Ray J was in Fab face just like he said He step to him poking him in the chest then Sock him even Fab said he was poked by Ray J. 50 cent said on the radio station Ray J sock Fab Fab stop talking twitter smack before you get hurt

1129 days ago


LMAO YOU GOT ME TWISTED. Not one of them told the truth on the radio. They told what they wanted to say to make this entertaining. all Ray J did was give use some new quotes to use. 50 cent danced around the whole story. Fab just told more jokes in his story. I thought didn't nobody swing.

1129 days ago


50 cent instigated the whole thing and Ray J fell for it. Maybe if Ray J put that same kind of energy into his music he might could turn out a hit record. They're all stupid. I know his mom and dad are disgusted with him.

1129 days ago

The Real JJ    

50 always starting sh**. He started beef with about everyone in rap. Now he's gonna get this gangsta wannabe Ray J killed if he keep acting hard.

1129 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

So Fabulous clearly told a bold faced lie on the radio. And everyone commented on how composed and mature he was during the interview despite the fact that he sits on Twitter and makes fun of people regularly. Now that it has gotten him in trouble twice I wonder if he will stop. And how ironic that 50 Cent was involved both times.

1129 days ago


Everyone lied, with little truths. Fab was to calm & collected and all that talking he did w/ DJClue was just that talk. Ray did swing, did he land who knows?

Dear Cameraman next don't film in portrait...sheesh

1129 days ago


Ray j is A bum. How you leak the Kim k sextape for some cash and make her look bad bit she ended up with more money and a better life than him? LOL, Kris Humphries is laughing at his lil tiny man self. Ray j is a failure

1129 days ago


This footage shows nothing. Still seems like Fab's story was more accurate.

1129 days ago


TMZ is really reaching with this one. In the post it says, "In the clip, you can see 50 standing between Ray and Fabolous with a big ass grin". Well... I could see 50 standing NEXT to Ray J. There wasn't anyone between them. And from what I could tell, he was periodically talking to someone behind Ray J. It also said 50 had a "big ass grin". Since when doesn't 50 have a big ass grin. That's like saying since someone blinks a few times during a conversation that their guilty of something. Not to mention during this so called BRAWL as TMZ put it, all I could see was Ray J moving forward for a brief moment and the camera moving all over the place. Maybe TMZ says "50 Cent stirred up the whole thing" because they know first-hand about stirring up ****, being that they have their big ass spoon in just about every proverbial pot possible instigating, blowing things out of proportion and stirring up drama.

1129 days ago

Ray Gay    

little bitch trying to get street cred. sorry ray j, get your sister to throw a real punch ***.

1129 days ago

Craig Wilkins    

Well, that was a waste of time. IDK how much you paid for that footage, but you were robbed.

1129 days ago


50 is messy as hell!

1129 days ago
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