The Game Up Close ... and PISSED!!

8/25/2011 4:30 AM PDT

The Game -- Up Close and Pissed!! [VIDEO]

The Game
angrily got right up in the face of the man who claims the rap superstar hit him outside a Hollywood nightclub -- and TMZ has obtained new, up-close footage of the incident.

Breyon Williams tells us he was trying to shoot video of R&B singer Mario outside Colony early Tuesday morning -- when Game approached them. In the video ... you can see and hear that Game and his posse want the camera turned on him.

Williams tries to explain he will interview Game right after Mario ... but Game gets pissed, when Williams says, "He [Mario] don't want to help you." Game spins right into the camera lens and yells, "N***a, help me?" Then someone hits Williams and/or his camera -- and the camera cuts off.

We're told The Game denies hitting anyone, but the video makes it clear someone made physical contact with Williams.

Williams filed a police report and says he suffered facial swelling and headaches. He says he's planning on filing a lawsuit.

The fight is under investigation ... so far no arrests have been made.