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Simon Cowell

NO RULES on 'The X Factor'

9/21/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Simon Cowell joined us, and in true Simon form, boasted "The X Factor" will knock off all the other singing/dancing TV shows -- including "American Idol" -- because it has "NO RULES."

Plus, Dax joins Michaele Salahi in the "groupie slut" category, why Twitter is killing rap music ... and Mel Gibson was just minding his own business, eating a "sweet pastry," when all of a sudden...


(6:45) Dax joins Michaele Salahi in the "groupie slut" category.
(8:01) How did Michaele get backstage with Steven Tyler?
(17:50) Harvey attempted to steal a CARPET back in the day.
(22:20) Mel Gibson was just minding his own business, enjoying a sweet pastry, when all of the sudden...
(27:30) Gayle King ... sued over her thirst for MEN.
(37:05) How the disco duck killed disco.
(46:30) Simon Cowell is on the phone! He says there are NO RULES on this season of "The X Factor" ... which makes for great TV.
(48:30)  Simon makes it clear -- he wants to be #1 ... and "American Idol" is standing in his way.
(51:00) Why "Factor" will be the best.
(53:00) Simon has a laugh about Harvey's single.
(54:10) Did Simon take a shot at the last "Idol" winner?

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Ellie G    

TMZ Live use to be great when you answered our questions and Harvey told stories. Now it is just for people to plug their crappy TV shows and to recap things that are already on website. I miss Harveys stories. I miss Lawyer Fridays with Jason. Bring back some of the old show please.

1066 days ago


She could have gotten past security by knowing the promoter, band member, or any number of ways guys. All kidding aside.

1066 days ago

Sin D    

The long haired blond dude in the cubicle is right about the Salahiami/ Tyler hook up...

1066 days ago


I am with Max... If you know about this, it's because these publicity whores wanted you to.

1066 days ago


FYI For a million dollars, yes you can borrow my wife for the night.

1066 days ago

mike holly    

how do you possibly "run" into sombody in a third world country like costa rica

1066 days ago


I believe she did use the service. The dating service can subpoena the men she was set up with. Gail should have responded to the lady's email. She will probably settle.

1066 days ago


DISCO DUCK was my and my BFF's favorite song. We played that song so much while bathing and making suds beards her sister broke into the bathroom and crack the record, 45, in half. We still laugh about it today! Soo funny! Loved that song!

1066 days ago


if Cheryl doesn't come back on X Factor, I'm only watching this One episode

1066 days ago


Where the hell is Charles? He was on the show this week, why is Dax taking his place?

1066 days ago

nee nee    

Quick: Name the last 5 winners of American Idol !

1066 days ago


OK, so Charles is there and he's not anchoring? WTH is going on??? This is EXTREMELY disappointing. Nothing against Dax but Charles is better. I always agree with everything he says.

What's next, Mike Walters? He can't speak without hand gesturing. Put a wig and lipstick on him and call him Aunt Edna. Over and out!

1066 days ago

nee nee    

It's gotta be better than that stupid show where the celeb. judges sit in the giant chairs then turn around

1066 days ago


What about when Simon and his XFactor LOST against Rage Against the Machine ?! Is he prepared for another internet challenge from DC3 ?!

1066 days ago

mike holly    

none of you people have any care of real issues. grow up. dwts has no meaning of anything. she.s a chick weather she likes it or not. you can let a doctor mutilate you all you want but you are still what you wear born, chastity

1066 days ago
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