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Victor Ortiz

Floyd Mayweather Ain't All That

9/22/2011 3:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

092211_tmzliveVictor Ortiz doesn't believe Floyd Mayweather deserves the welterweight title after a brutal sucker punch last Saturday -- telling TMZ, Money May isn't as good as he thinks he is.

Victor came out swinging on TMZ Live today -- lambasting Floyd for for his unsportsmanlike knockout ... claiming, "If he's really as great as he thinks he is, take a step back. We can settle it as professional athletes."

Ortiz adds, "This isn't the way something like this is supposed to end."

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I don't agree with what Mayweather did... and I think what he did is legal... but Ortiz? "you don't deserve a shot! you're a dirty fighter... and a wuzz!"

1127 days ago


Don't get involved. This is lovers' quarrel.

1127 days ago


Don't buy any of Floyd Mayweather fights. He paid off the Ref. If floyd knew he could beat ortiz then why the sucker punch? Angry about the headbutt, I agree but have to act like a champ and act professional. Boxing is a brutal sport but you are a professional boxer meaning act professional especially if you are a champion.

1127 days ago


I sucker punch him too, if a 164 pound welter weight tried to attack me with kisses.

1127 days ago


Floyd paid off the Ref. Don't buy any of floyd's fights.

1126 days ago

Qabid Hakim    

Thank u Floyd for telling that simple mother f@#*@r from HBO off at the end of the fight. Your right, he doesn't give u or anybody else who is black a fair shake. He's always thy'in to discredit somebodies victory. It wouldn't matter how much longer the fight went, u would of ended up whipp'in his ass. My hat's off to u, u da man.

1126 days ago

Qabid Hakim    

Thank u for telling that simple motherf@#*@^r from HBO off at the end of the fight. Your right, he doesn't give u or anybody else who is black a fair shake. He's always try'in to discredit somebodies victory. It wouldn't matter how much longer the fight went, u would of ended up whipp'in his ass. My hats off to u, u da man.

1126 days ago


A few days before the match, I told my husband..." I bet you anything, that Ortiz will get knocked out within the 3-5 round". You wanna know why I believed that? Because I think Mayweather paid him to!!! Mayweather has the money to do it!! Okay, I thought about the title belt(s) Ortiz would lose. Keep in mind, people do a lot less for money, 2 million at that. When I was 16, I flipped burgers for $4.25. You telling me you wouldn't get knocked out by Mayweather for 2 mill, I would!!! You'd have to look like a bitch though. Plus, that lil head-butt thing made it look like he wasn't that big of a bitch to Mayweather and the world. I bet they were saying "do you think we can get people to pay $60... twice??" Hell yea, they can...and they will!! Just you wait!! :D

1125 days ago


well when you head butt this is what happens you get knocked the **** out

1125 days ago


Ortiz was not ready for the big stage. His comments are that of a immature young fighter. He can't even admit that the headbutt was intentional. Mayweather is not as good as he thinks? He needs to switch that statement around. By round 9 his eye would have looked like it did during the Maidana fight. In four short rounds he was getting totally outclassed. He is not a smart fighter at all. He lost his cool, got away from whatever his game plan was and became frustrated in four round because he was not getting to Mayweather , thus the headbutt. He talked a good game but talk don't win fights, skills do. He doesn't deserve a rematch, what he needs is a pacifier so he can stop whining!!!

1125 days ago


I Floyd ain't all that, what does that make Ortiz.

1123 days ago


Mayweather deserves that belt more than Ortiz. Ortiz has integrity issues! That was an obvious headbutt and he says it was an accident. Yeah Right!!! And what is up with being over apologetic? Your in the ring to fight so quit hugging and kissing. Same thing happened to Mosley when he kept wanting to touch gloves; he got punched in the face...

1123 days ago

tim hundley    

time for him to go back to KC. He's a sucker who head-butted and got sucker punched. And he was doing it in all of the rounds. Only because fans don't like Mayweather that your letting him speak

1123 days ago

Mad Joe    

I've listened to the rights and wrongs of this fight. What we are forgetting this fight was not about mistakes or intentional fouls. What most of us brought the fight for was we wanted to see a good professional fight. Ortiz was foolish and unprofessional-But, Maywheather was the disappointment Maywheather had the fight in the bag-sometimes its important to think about your fans, pride and profession-that's the level that Floyd would like his fans to believe he has developed to. But, I did not see that on September 17th either way I felt cheated, so if that's the best Floyd had to give, than not only am I disappointed I'm tired he may have talent, money and fame. But, he has no respect for the sport or himself. Ortiz is a fool and needs to check himself! to me there were no winners in this fight just two losers and a disappointed fan base.

1123 days ago

deqlan blaque    

tell it like it is victor, and i coudn't agree with you more. mayweather, and in his own words, would leave the ring with class....this utterance delivered after he choked you at the weigh in showed what a bum he is...firstly with the cheap shot on you and then the below the belt stuff with larry merchant....no class mayweaether and a guy i once liked and hoped to beat pacquiao i'd just like to see destroyed by you in the rematch the WBC should enforce...if they had the two rounded objects in place they would...well done victor

1123 days ago
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