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The Pregnant Man

Rooting for Chaz Bono

On 'Dancing With the Stars'

9/23/2011 6:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's no transgender jealousy going on between Thomas Beatie and Chaz Bono -- because everyone's favorite pregnant man told us ... he's pulling for Chaz to take home the title on "Dancing With the Stars."

Beatie, his three children, and wife Nancy were out at CityWalk yesterday -- where he told our photog he thought it was "awesome" that Chaz was doing the show, saying, "It's wonderful and it's good to see other transgender people in the media."

Beatie told us last month he did reach out to the producers of the show to try and get on, but never heard back.


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are there not ANY somewhat attractive pleasing to the eye female to male transers out there? this bitch is as ugly as chastity.
again, another freak of surgery....... another 'man'
with a *****. and kids shooting out of it.

1097 days ago


tmz stop calling this woman a man, she has a v jj and is female. bio one-o-one max explain it to harvey please.

1097 days ago


I don't know wich is more disgusting , Chastity or this men-mother the whole thing makes me SICK making this world a freak world ! it makes me CRINGE knowing I breath the same air than this two ......

1097 days ago


Beatie asked to be on DWTS? There is absolutely NO REASON why Chaz or "the pregnant man" should be on DWTS! Why? Because THEY ARE NOT STARS!!! Neither of them have done ANYTHING to warrant being on the show. Getting a double mastectomy (but wimping out about having the lower half done) does not in any way make someone a star. DWTS is really scraping the bottom of the barrel. They should be honest and change their name to Dancing with Who?

1097 days ago


Don't care what this person thinks, why does TMZ? The pregnant man had a couple of kids, so do millions of people every year but I don't want to hear about them either.

1097 days ago


SHE is a woman who cut off her boobs, still has a vagina and calls herself thomas and that does not make her a makes her confused. smh

1097 days ago


How sad this woman bringing kids to this world and telling them I am woman-man how disturbed those poor kids will grow. I wish doing this be punishible and both of them be in funny Chastity and this one want to be a man and you can see they still a woman inside they can breed babies .not matter thay doo with their bodies cutting the breast and all the stuff they do they still WOMAN!

1097 days ago


Stop speaking for me, TMZ. "EVERYBODY'S" favorite pregnant man does NOT include me therefore the word everybody is obsolete. A man is not capable of getting pregnant. Us women hold that right and it's an insult to women who are PROUD to be a woman.

1097 days ago


This chick is NOT a man!

Calling an apple a banana does NOT make it a banana,
it's still an apple!

1097 days ago

Ya Mon    

They both should have a pregnant man dance off! Both herm and sherm could get pregnant wait 9mos, dance off to Lady Gaga tunes and who ever spits out the baby out on the floor wins!!! id watch that.

1097 days ago

Gregory Pecker    

So, Palin is still a whore.

1097 days ago


sick sick sick!!!!

1097 days ago


1) Don't know which one is more disturbed Chaz or this dingdong.
2) Cougar bait?...change shirts because...NO COUGAR WANTS YOU
3) I feel extremely sorry for those kids-when they get older, they are going to be ridiculed to death.

1097 days ago


The real truth to figuring out these freak's gender can be determined by asking a simple question, which is... Would Harvey like to bang either one of them?
If so then maybe Harvey isn't so homo after all.
If not then maybe Beatie and Bono aren't quite the men they strive to be.
Quite the paradox isn't it?

1097 days ago


No such thing as a pregnant man. She was born female and still kept her uterus/ovaries/vagina after sex change.

1097 days ago
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