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The Pregnant Man

Rooting for Chaz Bono

On 'Dancing With the Stars'

9/23/2011 6:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's no transgender jealousy going on between Thomas Beatie and Chaz Bono -- because everyone's favorite pregnant man told us ... he's pulling for Chaz to take home the title on "Dancing With the Stars."

Beatie, his three children, and wife Nancy were out at CityWalk yesterday -- where he told our photog he thought it was "awesome" that Chaz was doing the show, saying, "It's wonderful and it's good to see other transgender people in the media."

Beatie told us last month he did reach out to the producers of the show to try and get on, but never heard back.


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This is not a man. This is a woman (100% woman) who looks like a man. It's NOT A PREGNANT MAN!!! Get over it and stop writing about her.

1125 days ago


While I can understand gender disforia, and being born in the wrong body...if woman who are transgedering to men keep their vagina's...are they really now men?? I don't know any men with vaginas...why not go all the way? No "man" has ever had a baby so far as I know..

1125 days ago


Seriously, why are people calling this person "The Pregnant Man"? Its not like "he" was a medical mystery. "He" wasnt born a boy with a uterus...."he" was born a WOMAN! Nothing interesting there.

1125 days ago


Please stop calling him a pregnant man. HE is not a pregnant man. HE? SHE is a woman with female sexual organs who can bear children who ants to be man after he/she has transgender surgery. Or this individual may be a hermmaphidite but he is not a man. WHich one is it. If he were man whether gentically or physiologically he could not bear children. The only male creature on the earth that can bear their offsrping is a sea horse and he is not a sehorse. Get the medical information correct and stop promoting inaccuracies.

1125 days ago


This is not a man. SHE is a woman pretending to be a man. Chaz is also not a man. SHE is a woman. And now the pregnant womanman thinks she should have been on the show? What does she think she is famous for? Dressing up like a man and having children? Chaz is also not famous. She he happens to have a mom that is famous. Never watched Dancing With The Stars, but have seen the people they put on there. It's laughable who passes for famous these days.

1125 days ago


So doesn't matter that Chastity can't dance, this freak will support it because they share a mental illness? Uh huh, just figures

1125 days ago


Quit calling him a pregnant man. Hes a woman with a surgically enlarged ****. Get over it..really! When you come across a picture of his "man junk" let us know..that MIGHT interest some of us!

1125 days ago


You can't put your uterus to use for its intended purpose THREE TIMES and still be a man. It just doesn't work that way.

1125 days ago


Hey, to each his own.
I'm not judging what other people do, but I'm pretty sick of people acting like this is some sort of medical miracle. Have him get his wife THAT would be news worthy!

1125 days ago


arg are you kidding its not a man.get a frigging clue

1125 days ago


Thomas Beatie is wrong from "Man got pregant from three times". I want stay keep Chaz Bono for more Dancing.
Thomas was mistake from why he got three times pregant!!!!!

1125 days ago

Phred F. Stone    

Not a man. I have a real penis nya nya.

1125 days ago


Please stop calling HER a MAN! SHE had a child like anyother women by useing a REAL mans sperm! She had a child like any women!!! NOT A MAN!

1125 days ago


Face it, these two freaks of nature are NOT REAL men. They will never experience a prostate exam

1125 days ago

Myles Falworth    

Umm....not a pregnant man. Woman with a Vagina had a double mastectomy and takes testosterone. Again, not a man who got pregnant.

1125 days ago
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