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Justin Bieber

I Really Am ...

"KING of the World"

9/24/2011 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
will almost certainly get lucky tonight ... because TMZ has learned he just surprised girlfriend Selena Gomez with the most romantic surprise ever.

He's corralled the entire Staples Center in L.A. for a screening of the movie "Titanic" ... just for the two of them.

Sources connected to the Biebs tell us .. Justin hatched the idea after seeing the movie "Mr. Deeds" -- where Adam Sandler surprises Winona Ryder with a date at Madison Square Garden.

Here's how it went down tonight ... Justin took Selena to the Demi Lovato concert at neighboring Nokia Theater. He then said, "Come with me" -- and took her underground to Staples Center to watch the biggest shipwreck of all time.

And if you don't hate him enough already -- Justin didn't have to pay a penny for Staples. We're told since he sold out the venue three times, and it was empty tonight ... they gave him the entire arena for free.



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Old Man    

I see the haters are in full swing...

Really people? Is there really that much jealousy in America that you would bash this kid, who spent most of his childhood entertaining people, all because he decided to do something different? So what they gave it to him free - he's sold the place out 3 TIMES! That's even hard for the Lakers, and it's their house! Give credit where credit is due. You don't have to like him, listen to him, or support him, but have some self respect and at least respect him in turn.

1093 days ago


Good for him! I bet she loved it!!

1093 days ago


Nice gesture, however she probably thought it was a tad obnoxious. She's simply counting the days where she can smother a real man inside her.

1093 days ago


io think that's sweet, maybe selena loves the titanic and that's why justin choose it! gosh people...

1093 days ago


damn tmz you!!! stop talking about that gay justin bieber and he might go away. let's all pretend he doesn't exist, that's the only way to defeat him!!!

1093 days ago


This little PRICK needs to get over himself!

1093 days ago

brown dynamite    

Titanic? hahahah

1093 days ago


They cant have sex because she would be raping this poor little boy, Selena Gomez is an adult.

1093 days ago


That was very sweet. However, him bragging that he's king of the world kind of takes away from it.

1093 days ago


Is anyone in the least little bit disturbed by the age of these two "lovers". My word. what are their parents thinking giving them fast cars, and many opportunities to be alone. Also if they have been in a sexual relationship as long as TMZ reports then little Miss Selena should be in jail for Statutory rape. This is not romance this is a teenager out of control, with no real sense of financial matters, or moral decency.

1093 days ago


Justin Bieber is crazy in love with Selena but is she crazy in love with him? She has not bought him any gift since the beginning of their relationship.

1093 days ago


This is so cute. These two chicks are going to have so much fun. They might even break out the double-ended you-know-what.

1093 days ago


Still think your gay Justin and Selena is just your beard.

If I'm wrong and he is straight, they might want to keep anything romantic on the down low since he's still under 18 and she's over 18.

1093 days ago


HAHAHAH!!!!!!!! I LOVE BOTH OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1093 days ago

mark many homophobic comments about this do you know he is gay? Was your **** in his mouth or something? I just don't understand that because you do not like him you then have to label him as gay. Did all the hate for other groups you all apprently have not work as well for your label? Hmmmhe..he is we can't hate on him for being black...maybe you can call him Jewish...but then you would be you won't call him that because you do not to be called out for the best thing is to label him if that were a terrible thing. But the **** do you know what gets him off? Sad the jealousy and hate this site attracts.

1093 days ago
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