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"X Factor" Dong Dancer

I Wasn't Naked!

9/23/2011 9:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Parents Television Council may be off base -- because the contestant who dropped trou on "The X Factor" last night tells TMZ, he wasn't naked ... he was wearing a g-string.

The singer -- Geo Godley -- tells us, his outfit was nothing worse than what you see at the beach -- insisting his performance was inspired by his Greek Island culture ... "We always dance in g-strings." Godley adds, "G-Strings are legal. The PTC have no complaint to make."

But Godley admits, he still got a little carried away -- adding, "I apologize to anyone that was exposed to my behind ... I had no intention of showing it and it was an accident when I fell. I was caught up in the moment."

He's definitely no Minka Kelly.


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Why did he drop his trousers in the first place. I don't think all Greek men drop their trousers.

This is one of the slippery slopes.
- Its okay, I got carried away
- Its okay, its my Greek culture
- Its okay, its no worse than you see on the beach
- Its okay, I did not mean to show my backside

And next time when there is full nudity, we will hear
- Its okay, it's not much different the g-string

1063 days ago

Gary D    

First of all what's with the Simon bashing. You think American Idol is any different, oh yeah these aren't teenagers that are being voted on by teenagers. Also in the US anything that had something to do with a G string or for that matter a bit of hint of nudity is considered morally unacceptable. No wonder there are places in the world where there is far less sexual abuse and harassment this stuff isn't so much frowned upon. I believe this show has more potential than American Idol where it doesn't discriminate on age limit. There are far worse things on TV now that this stuff shocks people? I'm sure these minors have seen far worst in other areas than watching a guy in a g-string, but if he was a model with a perfect body I'm sure no one would turn away.

1063 days ago


Does Simon Cowell think having losers like this on the show is a good thing? It doesn't sound like too many people were watching the show anyway.

1063 days ago

some guy    

Too late, ****. That big censor block implied nudity.

1063 days ago


The guy is a total loser! FCC should take action against this clown. What also shocked me was the lame reaction of the judges. He should have been stopped in his tracks and removed by security! And Paula gagging.. wow!
And as for the ratings... well, I would call this a glorified American Idol and nothing else.

1062 days ago


i am shocked that simon let this creep stay on the stage for one second longer once he dropped his pants. simon i want your show to have higher ratings than idol but you have got to get a hold of this show. it is way too long between acts, paula hasn't changed. she turns people off. her going up on stage to comfort the girl that was crying. hell they all cried. she needs to stay in her seat or leave the show. SIMON , PLEASE CLEAN UP THE SHOW.

1062 days ago

tony hernandez    

the illuminatis are runing this ****

1062 days ago


I watched and I thought he was disgusting. this was not the venue for a stripper show. There were children in the audience. what does he think he proved. Nothing, that's what.

1062 days ago


what a shame to put other contestants with this bag-o-****.

simmonnnmmmeeon should be cancelled NOW.

1062 days ago


He's depraved and pathetic to expose kids and families to his junk. It's awful seeing these pigs on family shows. I about barfed when Dancing With The Stars showed Pee-Wee in the audience after his child porn arrest.

1062 days ago


Hes got nothing to apologize for. Paula should be fired from the show for reacting that way. Ugly mean b*tch. Someone should tell her that there are people who go vomit when they see her show a bit too much skin. Shes far from "all that".

1062 days ago


So now that we know that the guy wasn't naked, and therefore Paula's barfing was a complete stunt, someone at the highest level decided this would be a good publicity shock stunt. Only problem is it backfired, and people tuned out big time. ha ha ha ha ha

I predict Simon's next big Fox show will be called "Real Wrestling".

1062 days ago


Oh my god! Incredible

1062 days ago


It's a shame, it was the only entertaining part of the show. The only offensive thing was when Paula acted like it wasn't the 1,000th penis she saw that week.

1062 days ago


Stuff like this is insulting. I've watched the first two episodes, but if they keep putting this garbage in the shows, I may just tune out altogether. They should have kicked the guy off the stage and not even aired that audition, but I suspect some of these outlandish auditions are completely staged. Insulting.

1062 days ago
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