"X Factor" Dong Dancer I Wasn't Naked!

9/23/2011 9:29 AM PDT

"X Factor" Dong Dancer: I Wasn't Naked!

The Parents Television Council may be off base -- because the contestant who dropped trou on "The X Factor" last night tells TMZ, he wasn't naked ... he was wearing a g-string.

The singer -- Geo Godley -- tells us, his outfit was nothing worse than what you see at the beach -- insisting his performance was inspired by his Greek Island culture ... "We always dance in g-strings." Godley adds, "G-Strings are legal. The PTC have no complaint to make."

But Godley admits, he still got a little carried away -- adding, "I apologize to anyone that was exposed to my behind ... I had no intention of showing it and it was an accident when I fell. I was caught up in the moment."

He's definitely no Minka Kelly.