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Robert Loggia

Shoots Down "Scarface" Update

9/25/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Say hello to a little controversy -- because Robert Loggia (that's R, as in Robert Loggia) says he's STRONGLY against the "Scarface" update that's reportedly in the works.

In case you haven't heard, Universal Pictures is rumored to have started production on a new "Scarface" project that's being described as an "update" from the 1983 classic.

According to reports, the new movie is supposed to contain elements from the '83 version (man becomes drug dealer, kills a bunch of people, etc.) ... but it's not a sequel or a remake.

But Loggia -- who played drug lord Frank Lopez in the Al Pacino version -- tells TMZ, "Scarface is a classic that should rest in peace!  Nuff said!" 

He always tells the truth ... even when he lies.


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Professor Chaos    

Sorry but Scarface is one of the most overrated films ever. Sure, it has some awesome/memorable scenes but overall it's pretty average.

1123 days ago


AMEN!. Hollywood - PLEASE do not remake this movie, we all know it will bomb. Let's be real here. It would bomb and then cheapen one of the best movies ever.
Leave it alone!

1123 days ago


So it was okay back in 83 when they cast him in a "re-make" of Scarface....but not now?

Step off old man. Go grow tomatoes and drink your Vino and shut the hell up.

Personally I think it would be awesome to see a re-make that takes place in present day featuring a Mexican drug cartel

1123 days ago

Tony Montana    

I say if they gonna make an update, they should pick up where we left off only dis time ju find out that it was que pinga a bad dream cause I did too much llello and started to get what ju say..them halalicinations and chit. I never killed Manolo and he helps me get my chit together and we lead up until now present day coño with the Mexican Cartels taking over and runnin chit.

If not I go and grow some tomatoes, drink some vino and watch TMZ with Frank and everytin will still be puro.....

1123 days ago

Tony Montana    

One more ting tell Harvey I stomp on da ****aroaches manj who tricked me into having to register to post my comment!


1123 days ago


The modern day entertainment world is really running out of ideas.. always remaking classics and ****ig them up.. overall we as a human population must be getting dumber! lol

1123 days ago


I could have sworn this man had already passed on. Guess I was wrong.

1123 days ago


Tinsel town needs to get off the drugs and get some writers to work that can come up with some new scripts. Rehashing old movies doesn't do it anymore. The next thing we'll hear is a new version of the "Mickey Mouse Club."

1123 days ago


Gee, lets just remake all the Godfather movies now too...


1123 days ago


The Sandlot didn't need to spawn an entire series either but it happened. That's what happens when people want to make a movie but can't think of an original concept. Scarface is a classic that should be left alone, but even movies like Titantic and Bambi got unnesseasry sequels. I agree, it's a bad idea to risk the reputation of a hit, but in this case it's not a remake or sequel, just a rip off more or as long as it doesn't suck, who should care...more blood and drugs for the big screen.

1123 days ago


They're called "reboots" now even though they're still remakes.

And Hollywood is so frickin clueless that they're remaking everything they can

1123 days ago

Good riddance!    

It's Robert Loggia.

R as in, Robert Loggia.
O, as in, O, my god that's Robert Loggia
B, as in, By god, that's Robert Loggia
E, as in, everybody loves... Robert Loggia
R, as in, Robert Loggia
T, as in , Tim, look over there-its Robert Loggia

1123 days ago


what's the problem with a remake!?
The original isn't going anywhere..
Any extra footage on the scarface related matter whether it's good or bad is a bonus.
why don't you just no*****ch the film, rather than complaining your little heart's out and attempting to stop the film being made.
selfish m*therf*ckers.

1123 days ago


AGREE! Pacino's version will never be topped. Leave it alone!

1123 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

This is Hollywood of today, they have the freakin' creativity of a dead tree. Re make of this, remake of that, taking all the good things and work done in the past, inserting these deadbeat no talent idiots populating that city who mostly hate America and everyone not on the coasts in it, thus ruining the originals as well. What's next? Lemme guess,mmm, Citizen Cane with Snoop Dogg as a cocaine dealer this time? Or lemme see, Family Affair re done with a welfare family who sell their kids for sex to pay the rent? Or how about remaking How I met your mother with a hetero playing the Hetero father? Can't find one in that town and need Do Me Howser to do it? Then change the name to How I humped your brother or something more appropriate for the lead cast member. Garbage in Garbage out. This American won't send his money to these talentless loser crack addicts like Sheen and Lohan and company. Not in this lifetime.

1123 days ago
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