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Sly Stone

Homeless and Living In a Van

9/25/2011 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sly Stone -- once one of the biggest names in soul music -- now lives in a white van he routinely parks in the rough Crenshaw neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Stone, according to the NY Post, befriended a local family and showers at their house. Their son serves as his assistant and driver.

Stone, whose mega-hits include "Everyday People," says, "I like my small camper. I just do not want to return to a fixed home. I cannot stand being in one place. I must keep moving."

He says his money troubles started in 2009 when he stopped receiving royalty checks from his manager, whom he had accused of fraud. He sued the manager for $50 million.

Stone also foolishly sold his music publishing rights to Michael Jackson for just $1 million in 1984.

He says the FBI is after him and his enemies have hired hit men.

Stone says he's still recording music ... on a laptop computer.


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There's a problem here    

FYI: Just because he was black does not mean he was one of the biggest names in soul. He wasn't. He did a sort of hippie-pop-rock music with his junkie family members. He was fortunate enough to ride on a wave at the time because he was fairly average, but he was lucky enough to be black in a traditionally white genre at a time when "black power" was peaking, and so whitey was eager to welcome blacks into the fold. Other than that? Shame on him. He made more money in four years than I'll see in a lifetime. I guess I ended up doing far better than he did in the long run. Be careful what you wish for.

1126 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

"He's livin in a van down by the river!!!" Nothing new here, another musician/afflete/Hollywood retread who spent all his dough most people never see in their lifetimes from REAL work. Tossed down the drain on ho's, bling, crack, and everything but properly saving and investing it. Boo freakin hoo. Wanna hear my sad stories Sly? Got a day or so?

I'm sure you all have plenty as well and who gives a flying fluck right? No one in most cases I'd bet just like most of us and we WORK for a living. It's a every man for yourself country now and these entertainment people get no sympathy from me because they don't care about us or America and never did.

So Have fun on the sly Sly. BTW, Where's the Family Stone when ya need em huh? Out Getting Stoned?

1126 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

I LOVE Sly & the Family Stone music
what a shame

1126 days ago


I understand doing a story, but why give up the location of where he stays?

1126 days ago


Sad. What a waste. He was one the the more talented artists from the 60's. Loved his songs with the Family Stone.

1126 days ago


Sad. One of the most talented artists from the 60's. Love the Family Stone.

1126 days ago


he stays where the crack is plentiful

1126 days ago

Glenn Davis Doctor G    

Open invitation. Hit me with a shout.
- Glenn Davis Doctor G

1126 days ago


He looks homeless! Here's an idea, GET A JOB. Work like the rest of us do. The economy sucks and everyone is struggling. I wonder if he voted Obama? Hmmm

1126 days ago


Pretty hair.

1126 days ago


Yet another mentally-ill American becomes homeless. As long as he doesn't become violent, no one will care.

Move along; nothing to see here.

1126 days ago


Can't be that broke...still getting his hair colored.

1126 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

Drugs my friens drugs did this.I knew Sly back in the day when you could go over to his house and see many of the artist of the era at his house "stoned".I remember seeing Stevie Nicks over there all the time.

1126 days ago

northern gypsy    

awww...this is tragic !!! he SQUANDERED his fortune ...

1126 days ago


I read awhile back that Sly is bipolar and all throughout the successful part of his career he had issues. This story is very sad but typical bipolar behavior. So many like him end up homeless, alcoholic and drug addicts. And they usually are talented and smart individuals but remain unmedicated for their illness.

1126 days ago
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