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Who Wants to OVERPAY

for My "Celebrity Home?"

9/27/2011 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


For Sale:
Banged up "celebrity home" ... 4 bedrooms, but uncomfortably sleeps 15 .... 3 bathrooms, but there's crap all over the place -- and it's up for sale for $25k OVER market value!!!!!

Yes, Octomom Nadya Suleman has finally listed her Orange County, CA home -- in a last ditch effort to squeeze some cash out of the place before the bank forecloses on it in the next couple of days.

As we previously reported, the Octocrib was appraised at $500k -- but she must be feeling lucky because Nadya has listed the place for $525,000.

A master of the sales pitch, Octo has described the pad as a "celebrity home" -- complete with artificial turf in the backyard and a "desirable" cul-de-sac location.

If ya want it, better act fast -- and also, you should lick yourself, because you must be a sucker. 



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EXACTLY!!! Well said! Why she bought a $450,000 house without a steady income is beyond me. It just shows she expected someone to hand her a TV show, or people to donate to her for the rest of her life. These people who keep complaining that no one is helping them need to get a clue. There is no reason she had to stay where she is, and have such a large mortgage. If she would have taken that money she earned in the beginning, and paid cash for a house that was much more affordable, those children could be living a stable life right now. Instead she squandered it all away, expecting handouts from anyone and everyone, and now they have nothing. She deserves this (you reap what you sow)...unfortunately those children don't deserve this, and that is the sad part. She never put the children's well being first.

1087 days ago


ROFLMAO, good one TMZ, keep that up and I may start enjoying your site again

1087 days ago


Wow... guess that Boxing gig isn't paying much! From the OCregister:
Haddadin said Monday that he has been trying to convince Suleman to sell the house all summer and had had no idea that a sign had been erected in the front yard.

Suleman has not made a payment on the house since May, he said.

"She owes me close to about $13,000,

1087 days ago

Pierre from Canada    

If the rest of the house looks anything like what I saw in the video, she will have a heck of a hard time selling it especially in the house's present condition.

1087 days ago


To those bashing TMZ for printing this because it hurts Octo's kids, I wonder why it's bashing if it's true? Octo can't get better publicity than TMZ right now.
The woman is a certifiable nutjob. Fertility treatments are not cheap, how the heck did she afford them in the first place. That coupled with her very poor judgement in getting pregnant in the first place with the first kids when she had no financial stability or plans for the future, and then to continue the charade with more children, should tell all concerned that it's not TMZs fault if her children are hurting, it's Nadia's.
The best thing that can happen for her and her kids is to be forced out of that house, so perhaps the kids can be fostered. If she sells the house, she'll still owe not only the $450,000 left on the mortgage, but also agent fees, etc, which would wipe her out anyway. So why is she trying to sell the house instead of letting it get foreclosed? Likely, she thinks someone will bail her out once again, or she hopes to take the money and run and drum up sympathy for the poor mother of 14 kids who is homeless and the mean man who wants to take her money.
Oh, and if she does get a chunk of money it will go all to her lips or breasts anyway.

1087 days ago


Celebrity home? What has octotrash done to be "famous"? She used financial aid to have six she couldn't afford and then faked a back injury to raise the money to have eight more she knew she couldn't afford. Then her dreams of making money off of her kids backfired when nobody offered her a reality show didn't work out as planned. She is living off of taxpayer money and donations that stupid people sent her. All that money went to her own selfish needs. I guess plastic surgery, gym memberships, shopping sprees, fake eyelashes, and huge lips were more important than providing for the kids she chose to have. Octotrash is nothing but a loser and she alone is responsible for everything that has happened to her.

1087 days ago


I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

1087 days ago


And in other news . . . the Conrad Murray trial starts today. I think one of our most frequent posters may be absent for awhile. LOL

1087 days ago


Oh please, it's common practice to overprice something you're trying to sell....a house, a car etc. So the buyer can "talk you down" and you get the actual price you wanted. Quit picking on her for doing what everyone else does...although, that house needs some SERIOUS help

1087 days ago

Cleveland Gal    

Some people just don't appreciate what they have, this woman has a home worth 500K and she destroys it-just sickening!

1087 days ago


how does one sell a house that does not belong to you? I can't wait to hear Suleman's reaction when she finds out she will not be receiving one red cent from this house.
For those who feel sorry for Octomom, what have you done to help her or are you just donating lip service?

1087 days ago

So What    

This slut is still around with open legs. She stinks and so does this TMZ for reporting bull **** like this and the other **** you put up here. She needs a gear shifter to sit on that is washable.

1087 days ago


Don't you mean histronic "pseudo-celebrity" dump?

1087 days ago


Why would she spend money on storage fees to keep her remaining 29 embryos frozen but not deem it necessary to make the payments on her home to provide shelter for 14 kids that are already here? I think TMZ meant HISTRONIC pseudo-celebrity.

1087 days ago


Who is the celebrity?

1087 days ago
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