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Paris Hilton

Who Wants to be

... a Slumdog Hundredaire?!!?!

9/26/2011 4:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton made a begger's life in Mumbai a few hours ago -- stopping her SUV to hand a $100 bill to a poor woman who was carrying a baby ... and then dropping more than $2,000 in cash on other poor people in the area.

According to local Indian reports, the woman immediately began asking photogs if anyone could break it into smaller bills -- we're guessing it's not very safe to walk around the slums with that much cash.

And get this -- sources close to Paris tell TMZ ... after the $100 incident, Paris was so emotional about the poverty situation in India, she decided to give away all of the cash she was carrying on her at the time to other poor people in the area ... more than $2,000 in total.

Paris -- who's in India to launch some new Paris Hilton stores -- later tweeted about the incident .... saying, "India is beautiful, but some parts are very poverty stricken. Broke my heart to see babies sleeping on the streets."

is beautiful, but some parts are very poverty stricken. Broke my heart to see babies sleeping on the streets :(


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NOW, a side of Paris we dont see everyday. I beleive this was real.

1121 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

Good for, if we could only get the Ecclestones over there.

1121 days ago


Funny how these things always happen when a camera is around. Why didn't she do some REAL good and give the money (and more) to agencies that can do more than a short-term fix?

1121 days ago


Hey Paris,
How about we take care of our own homelees children first.

1121 days ago


hey paris .. how about doing something a little closer to home? like build that aftercare home for women coming out of Lynwood jail... .just like you said you would do while speaking to Larry King. What about that? How easy is it to drive in the back of your limo and pass out hundred dollar bills? I mean... give me a break. That is really getting your hands dirty. grow up .. and leave a longlasting legacy .... and to those people in jail who you can really relate to. What do you know about poverty?

1121 days ago


Paris has no class. Tacky publicity stunt. Nice to help but...may have done more harm than good. If this was legit, she would have converted the money and then passed it out.

1121 days ago


$2000 - that's how much she spends on a pair of shoes. I'm not impressed.

1121 days ago


I heard there was a picture of Paris giving a beggar a drink of spring water from her Chanel shoes cause they didn't have a cup, how kind.

1121 days ago

L8KR G!RL    

It broke her heart to see babies sleeping on the streets of India but drives right past them, not turning her head an inch at their direction in her own hometown. SMH! Tard!

1121 days ago

help this young woman    

Linds used to throw piles of cash out the window of her stretch-Escalade at the little people when she was gacked on coke. Now she leans IN car windows to MAKE cash. DUIna must be so proud.

1121 days ago


Well , She has tried everything to over-shadow the Kardasians , and I think her people have finally got it right ..Doesn't matter if it was fake or not , she should do more..And in no time , she will seperate herself from the Kardasians and the Ecclestones ... So , Congrats Paris , Finally thinking straight for once!!!

1121 days ago


Just another publicity stunt from Paris - bout time she did something useful with her money... but who the hell carries $2000 cash in India? Thats the equivalent of carrying a fortune... and where are you going to cash American dollars when you're in the slums... and if she really cared she'd do a lot more than just hand out some cash .. build a school or housing project, then I'll be impressed...

1121 days ago


Raise Money and do more charity work , and the Kardasians and the Ecclestones will not be able to touch or come close to your level - Good thinking , Paris...

1121 days ago


Someone should tell Paris that it will take a whole lot more than $2,000 to save her image. That is equivalent to me giving someone a dime or quarter. Real philanthropist she is! HA ha ha ha.

1121 days ago


Nice of Paris to give money to the less fortunate, but she's still an idiot. Why give huge bills in AMERICAN MONEY to Indians? Give them smaller bills. I'd rather walk around with 20 5 dollar bills than one 100 dollar bill.

1121 days ago
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