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People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray

AEG Live Co-CEO:

Murray Wanted Too Much $$$

9/28/2011 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Gongaware -- AEG Live Co-CEO Testifies, Day 2
Updated 9/28/11 at 8:50 AM

0928_Paul_Gongaware_trial2Paul Gongaware took the stand again today -- claiming Dr. Conrad Murray requested an astronomical salary for his services to MJ.

* Gongaware said it was Michael who asked him to hire Dr. Murray... but Murray was asking for $5 million ... way too much money.
* But Michael insisted he wanted Murray so he called him again and this time offered him $150 thousand a month -- per MJ's instructions.

Paul also told Dr. Murray's defense attorney he was on the lookout for any drug use by MJ, saying he noticed a "slight slur" in Michael's speech during their interactions.

Paul Gongaware -- AEG Live Co-CEO Testifies, Day 1:
MJ Wanted 21 Extra Shows

Updated Yesterday, 9/27/11 at 3:45 PM

AEG Live's Co-CEO Paul Gongaware just took the stand ... telling prosecutors Michael was the one who demanded 21 extra shows.

* Gongaware claims the first 10 shows sold out nearly instantaneously and Michael wanted to add another 21 bringing the total to 31.
* Gongaware says Michael was obsessed with beating Prince's record of 21 shows at the O2 arena. 
* He said even after selling out 50 shows, there were still 250,000 people waiting for tickets.


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Michael would never have made 21 shows-They are very lucky he got the thru the dress rehearsal and they had the intention of taping it!! He was a toxic addicted mess and had been for some time..Poor Murray was just temped by $$:

1123 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I didn't know that so many people had a fetish of having their little boys watched and loved on by a pedophile in a special room with cameras guarding it......

1123 days ago


yes. between '94-2009, fanatics had no clue that he got more drug injections. he had a cowardly need to keep his deluded fans hallucinating about how good it would've been to befriend drug dealers and young boys who killed a 3 year old boy.

lastly, the best lie was his demand to get praise for doomed concerts.

1123 days ago


You can see what really happened on MJ's last day with Dr. Murray here:

1123 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

21 more shows, he couldn't do one. They would have needed a cargo ship to hold his drug supply.

At least we got his most entertaining recording in over 25 years out of this.

1123 days ago


Paul G. is lying, check his body language.

1123 days ago


Think I'm gonna stay away from TMZ until a month or so after this trial is over. Really I don't see a need to show every witness both sides call. I don't give a f*ck about Jackson, Murray or this ridiculous trial. All this is doing is giving a forum to the extremists on both sides and I'm not interested in a bunch of hysterical babble. See ya in a few months.

1123 days ago

That's Right    

It doesn't matter who Michael was or if he had issues, It is a license physician responsibility to store all narcotics or harmful medication in a locked and secured container/cabinet, especially during home care. Patients should never have the access or ability to push their own IV or consume oral medications that only a doctor could administer. Plain and simple, once Dr. Murray has given a control medication to Michael, it is Dr. Murray’s responsibility to keep the controlled Medications from the patient easy access. If an IV was hooked to Michael Dr. Murray must keep a close eye on his patient, especially if there is a history of drug abuse…. NEGLIGENCE! The amount of money Murray was being paid he should have hired a nurse to keep watch of Michael’s vitals once the medication was given…….Greed is the root.

1123 days ago


I HAVE READ ALL THE COMMENTS, UP TO NOW, and I know each is sincere from the heart. Michael was one of the most gigantic stars, ever! I am having a problem wondering why Dr. Murray would seriously risk his reputation as a physician, his medical license, his freedom, his entire life by, carelessly, turning his back on Michael when Michael needed him the most. I know many of the comments are much wiser than mine, but, I JUST-DON'T-GET-IT! How can Dr. Murray or, any physician, treat a patient, famous or otherwise, with total disregard for the patient's full recovery. Physicians take an oath to preserve life not to eliminate. This is heart wrenching for Michael, for Michael's family, and for Dr. Murray and Dr. Murrtay's family. No one will be the "winner" here. The tragedy is, a life is gone and, others probably, destroyed.

1123 days ago


If this idiotic story is going to be plastered on TMZ for the next six weeks, I'll see you in November!

1123 days ago


No big surprise here. Money is the reason 'Dr.' Murray is sitting in court fighting for his life and career. Michael picked him because he was willing to do what Michael wanted as far as the drugs were concerned. An addict will do anything and pay anything to get his fix. Again, no big surprise. But what continues to bother me is why a licensed doctor would become involved in something like this? I don't care how you look at it. Dr. Murray is wrong as two left shoes. He should not have given Michael anything and he certainly should not have injected him full of Propofol in a home setting then left him alone. The good doctor is nothing but a drug dealer who killed one of his customers; nothing more, nothing less.

1123 days ago


Correction: $150,000/month was offered to Murray for his services.

1123 days ago


canreadbutnotwrite: That seems about right!

1123 days ago


OK I'm so tired of the MJ bashing, THIS NOT NOT Weather or not you liked or disliked MJ numb nutts!

THIS IS about a DOCTOR who gave his Patient a drug that should, one, never been left there or administered at his house, and two, never have neglected his patient while it was being administered.
Plain and simple, instead this was a money driven drug dealer who took advantage of his situation and that his patient was an addict. I don't care who the patient was, Murray did him wrong and should have acted like a professional doctor. He did not follow those ethic codes.

No matter how Murray's team tries to defend him and that Michael drank the propofol, bottom line is that drug should have NEVER been there at his patients reach, and that drug should have been administered at the hospital.

He panicked and he knew it, he couldn't even do CPR!!! And took so long to call the paramedics, he is only trying to distract from the real issue at hand with the whole hide the creams story.

1122 days ago


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