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Dr. Murray Trial

'Abandonment' Is the Key

9/27/2011 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


After some shocking opening statements in Dr. Conrad Murray's manslaughter trial -- Harvey thinks the whole case could hinge on one word ... "abandonment."

Plus, why Murray's defense team could be shooting themselves in the foot by declaring Michael Jackson was a severe drug addict. And, the audio recording of MJ -- out of it and rambling -- is already having a huge impact.


(1:20) The lowdown on the prosecution's compelling opening statements -- like how Dr. Conrad Murray had over 4 GALLONS of Propofol shipped to him during a two month span.
(4:10) Harvey strongly believes the key word in the case WON'T be Propofol ... it'll be "abandonment."
(12:10) Conrad's attorney argued that MJ caused his own death ... and how "science" will prove them right.
(22:20) The SHOCKING audio recording taken by Dr. Murray ... in which MJ is seriously messed up on drugs.
(27:40) Is it possible to establish MJ accidentally killed himself if Conrad doesn't take the stand?
(42:05) Harvey thinks the defense team is screwing themselves by showing MJ was a serious drug addict.
(43:30) Could MJ have really injected himself in the TWO minutes Murray claims to have been absent from the room?
(45:40) The prosecution make a strong move today by showing a picture of Michael's dead body.

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The Maharincess of Franistan    

I actually felt very sorry for Dr. Murray for the very first time today, when I saw him break into tears. This man's whole life has been destroyed, because he was STUPID enough to become part of Michael Jackson's harem of doctors.

Really truly, Dr. Murray just drew the short straw. Any one of Michael's doctors could've easily been in that room that day.

1122 days ago

mike holly    

please move on. you are the only people that care this much. He was a freak and there are plenty of other hollywood freaks to talk about.

1122 days ago


why did the dr. leave the lorazapam where MJ could get it? still the dr.s fault. none of the drugs should have been left unattended, NEVER!

1122 days ago


What is the tape on MJ's face for? Is it over his nose?

1122 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Great now every article will be about this. Instead of a few there will be one for every little thing.

1122 days ago


If Conrad Murray is convicted, what is he facing? life in prison? death penalty?

1122 days ago

Kevin Ross    

Does the drug have massive withdraw side effects... which is why Micheal "woke up" and had to inject himself right away with out calling out to his doctor...

1122 days ago


Michael's eyes were closed in the photo, doesn't that mean he was sleeping? doesn't that means he didn't kill himself?

1122 days ago


Years ago, I was put under for surgery. There was a complication when she started to put me under. I was given the drug, but she needed a different throat tube and had to rush out of the room. Before leaving the room doctors were instructed what to do, what to watch for. She was back within minutes to continue. There was a whole team of doctors, nurses at my side, and she was still concerned about having to leave the room for that period of time. When she left, she ran. She knew that leaving the room with someone being put under is not a good thing.
1) I would assume Dr. Murray was aware of the dangers, and possible complications. How could he leave the room for any length of time knowing what could go wrong.
2) Why didn’t he have the proper resuscitation equipment or monitors on hand?
3) Why would he not have an assistant who could advise him of issues if he did have to leave the room?
4) If MJ did inject the drug to himself….which I doubt. Why would the drug be in reach?

To me, it is clear case

1122 days ago


It doesn't matter who the victim was. Dr. Murray should not have been administering any drug in an illegal situation. It is my understanding that this particular drug is not even supposed to be used unless in a professional setting. Your bed room is not a professional setting. Therefore he is guilty of manslaughter. He acted in a very unprofessional manner that in turn caused someone else's death.

1122 days ago


Has a drug dealer ever been convicted of selling drugs to someone who overdosed or killed themselves? This would seem to set precedent if they have, and if they haven't maybe we should change the law. Convict Dr's that are really drug dealing.

1122 days ago


I personally think Murray is guilty of more then manslaughter. He knew that MJ was an addict, No bosy should give an addict what they want no matter how much they plead four years isn't nearly enough of what this man should ger. To blame the victim is absurd! With all the drugs in his system I don't believe for a minute that Michael could have injected himself... Lastly how Murray can walk around and act like he did nothing is nothing less then inhumane Murray was in it for the money there is no way he did his job with medical integrity

1122 days ago


Please HARVEY can you remember that its lieing in bed not laying. A human lies in bed. A bird lays eggs. I LOVE TMZ live but it just sounds so wierd to hear someone as smart as you saying people are laying in bed. Or we aere laying out at the beach. Not being an ******** just saying. Thanx.

1122 days ago


is this over now or are they coming back

1122 days ago


No matter what Murray is convicted or not convicted of, isn't the main point here that Murray is somewhat responsible for providing the probofol, and leaving it at reach of someone who he knew was an addict to pain killers? Shouldn't he be held responsible to some degree?

1122 days ago
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