TMZ Live Dr. Murray Trial 'Abandonment' Is the Key

9/27/2011 10:50 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Dr. Conrad Murray Trial -- Abandonment Is the Key

After some shocking opening statements in Dr. Conrad Murray's manslaughter trial -- Harvey thinks the whole case could hinge on one word ... "abandonment."

Plus, why Murray's defense team could be shooting themselves in the foot by declaring Michael Jackson was a severe drug addict. And, the audio recording of MJ -- out of it and rambling -- is already having a huge impact.

(1:20) The lowdown on the prosecution's compelling opening statements -- like how Dr. Conrad Murray had over 4 GALLONS of Propofol shipped to him during a two month span.
(4:10) Harvey strongly believes the key word in the case WON'T be Propofol ... it'll be "abandonment."
(12:10) Conrad's attorney argued that MJ caused his own death ... and how "science" will prove them right.
(22:20) The SHOCKING audio recording taken by Dr. Murray ... in which MJ is seriously messed up on drugs.
(27:40) Is it possible to establish MJ accidentally killed himself if Conrad doesn't take the stand?
(42:05) Harvey thinks the defense team is screwing themselves by showing MJ was a serious drug addict.
(43:30) Could MJ have really injected himself in the TWO minutes Murray claims to have been absent from the room?
(45:40) The prosecution make a strong move today by showing a picture of Michael's dead body.