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'19 Kids & Counting' Baby

Laughing & Playing

After Holy Land Health Scare

9/29/2011 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0928_kids_and_counting_launch_ex_2She had reportedly fallen gravely ill during a trip to Israel with her family last week -- but baby Josie from TLC's "19 Kids and Counting" made a speedy recovery ... and TMZ has obtained video proof.

Reports are circulating ... Josie was rushed to a medical facility after her "oxygen levels had spiraled down" -- but sources close to the family tell TMZ, the reports were blown way out of proportion.

We're told 21-month-old Josie was merely experiencing some cold symptoms -- and was taken to a doctor's office to get them checked out.

The video -- shot days after her doctor's visit -- seems to corroborate the story ... showing Josie in great spirits, laughing and playing in a park.


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I think little Josie will have health problems all of her life. Why her...I don't know when all the other 18 kids are healthy.

One thing I can say is that all the older kids know what to do if Josie gets sick while in their care. They are a loving family and each child including the little ones have a strong work ethic built into them. Their father makes sure they all pitch in to help whether its around the house or outside the home. This is a beautiful family.

1118 days ago


the kid's a little sick ... "CALL THE PRESS"

1118 days ago


Before the screams of "get birth control," I am pro-choice: Her uterus, HER business.

1118 days ago


It should be 19 kids and thats it. This woman is a baby factory ,,,

1118 days ago


This truley is a very ginuine wonderful family. What you see on TLC is 100% real. I live in the are they do and see the dad and other family members shopping at WALMART. They are very frugal, loving, giving family unlike that loser Kate. Now wonder they cancelled her show. God bless the Duggars!

1118 days ago


The Duggar mom must be like a batcave, dark and stanky full of cobwebs.

1118 days ago


Sterilize these inbred freaks.

1118 days ago


Duggar mom must be like batcave, dark, smelly, stanky, full of cobwebs.

1118 days ago


Sick selfish retards.

1117 days ago


No one can take care of the emotional needs of all these children.

1117 days ago


That little girl stay with a cold and other major health problems too. I'm glad she's okay though... I may not care for the Duggars way of life and think their show is boring, seeing how all they do now is go on free invited trips here and there. It's the reason why Kate show got cancel... but that doesn't mean I want to see any harm come to either families (Gosselins/Duggars.) anyway, glad Josie's okay, again.

1117 days ago


This baby was delivered at 5 months gestation because her mother became deathly ill. Why are they dragging a high risk child all over the place? She needs a safe, quiet, clean place to grow a bit. I also read where the mother said she'd love to have another baby even it it killed her. So much for caring for the ones she's already had.

1117 days ago


Sorry to hear about what happened to Josie Duggar, but I'm so happy she is ok, I saw The VIDEO, and it was really nice!

1117 days ago


They are in a perpetual state of Where's Waldo with that batch of babies.
Let's call it what it is...Daddy needs to keep it in his pants or birth control. If he's so busy teaching his kids "lessons" how about looking in the mirror and teaching himself and his wife you can't always get what you want or have what you want anytime you want.
Sick babies are not TV pawns or TV paychecks....another lesson.

1117 days ago


This family has no regards for safety at all. Why would they take a baby that was born premature to another country? Oh yeah, they are getting paid to do so. The mom could have died delivering her and yet they won't rule out another pregnancy. That is just foolish, IMO. I guess when you have older girls to take care of the babies and do all of the cooking and cleaning, you can have as many babies as you want. Michelle just has to get pregnant, have the baby, nurse it, get knocked up again and pass the baby along to it's buddy and get ready for the new arrival. She seems to measure her value as a woman by how many babies she can pop out. Jim Bob seems to have to prove his manhood by how many times he can knock her up. I feel bad for the girls in that family. I would love to see one of them stand up to their parents and say enough is enough. I am tired of doing all the work for you and I am done. That won't ever happen though because the parents have them so brainwashed.

1117 days ago
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