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Casey Anthony

Jail Video Released

9/30/2011 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony Jail Video
A grainy video -- shot inside a Florida jail in 2008 -- shows Casey Anthony's reaction when she was told her daughter's remains were found.

In the video, Anthony is in the waiting room of the jail's medical facility, when she looks up at a TV screen and sees a news report on the discovery of Caylee's remains.  Casey appears to double over with her hands in her lap and then appears to breathe heavily.

The footage had been under lock and key since 2009 for fear it might influence the jury.


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jimmy d    

Hey Y'all. If its not your kid, well MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!! I bet you wouldn't want people digging through your trash! Jesus (no not your gardener) said he who cast the first stoned. Lets live by those holey words.

1086 days ago


so this video was locked up in fear of it influencing the jury..

what is the difference between this video and the video of conrad murray pacing in the hospital waiting room and what not?

1086 days ago


CORRECTION: she was NOT told her daughter's remains were found. it was simply the remains of a child - it was not determined to be caylee's remains until a week LATER - a week AFTER this video footage - hence the controversy.

1086 days ago

Lilarose in Oregon    

WRONG! Casey wasn't "told" her daughters remains were found. She was watching a news broadcast after she had entered a medical facility. The broadcast just said that the remains of a child were found in the location where they were found. They didn't know WHOSE remains! It wasn't until eight days later the remains were found to be Caylee's. So when Casey saw that news broadcast, she herself made the assumption the remains were Caylee's. The police didn't know yet. How did Casey know? That is the question.

1086 days ago

She's baaaack    

Twelve lazy, self-centered jurors took the easy way out and found her not guilty of even the most least of charges. The prosecution over-charged her, then did a high-tech shuffle that pretty much meant nothing. She killed that beautiful toddler so she would ***** her boyfriend at any time and have the high drinking partying life. Too bad, because 12 jurors pretty much said "oh well, we have lives," and the best way to make your cruise was to give a not guilty plea. Gotta accept it. May they all rot in hell.

1086 days ago


I thought this was gonna be a trailer for paranormal activity 3...dang

1086 days ago


Is it really known that she had no reaction to other childs bodies found in the area?? I only ask because I remember when my moms best friend went missing the news reported a body was found in a body of water nearby and I KNEW it was her right away...instinct I guess. Then again, I live in a rural area where bodies aren't found on a regular basis so it was an easy guess. I think Casey is as guilty as they get - and it makes me sick she was found otherwise...but to me this video does nothing unless it is a FACT other "childs" bodies were found and she had no reaction.

1086 days ago


I have no words to even comprehend on why you are giving a CHILD KILLER the time of day. Ridiculous, really.

1086 days ago


I'm sure she was shocked. Casey thought she had hid the body so it would never be found.

1086 days ago


video doesn' work

1086 days ago


Color me stupid, but would someone PLEASE explain to me just WHY this shouldn't have been shown to the jury??? To me this is very important evidence, it clearly shows that she KNEW this was Caylee!!

1086 days ago


You see her wide mouth open like, "Oh sh*t, they got me now."

1086 days ago


Once they showed the spot she didn't have to be told. She knew because she dumped her there.

She got away with murder was a decision ever made for her to pay back for the lies she told?

1086 days ago


She was upset cause she thought, where she dumped caylee would never ever be found out. But. Oh it was casey. She felt superior yet, like any dumb murderess criminal realized she wasn't as smart as the average serial killer. Although, because of 12 stupid people she got off the charge of a murder rap. So, she was SUPERIOR then some of the smartest serial killers out there, who eventually got caught..well..after many killings..Casey has time to catch up. Maybe, her and her Mommy can commit more murders together. Just keep it in the family..Gals.

1086 days ago



1086 days ago
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