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Casey Anthony

Jail Video Released

9/30/2011 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony Jail Video
A grainy video -- shot inside a Florida jail in 2008 -- shows Casey Anthony's reaction when she was told her daughter's remains were found.

In the video, Anthony is in the waiting room of the jail's medical facility, when she looks up at a TV screen and sees a news report on the discovery of Caylee's remains.  Casey appears to double over with her hands in her lap and then appears to breathe heavily.

The footage had been under lock and key since 2009 for fear it might influence the jury.


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Who gives a ****

1064 days ago

Home Skillet    

Dear Casey Anthony Jurors: You ******* lowlifes let this child killer walk. Lazyazz, retarded, idiots.

1064 days ago


imagine for a moment this is someone else...and this person is innocent until proven guilty (a fantasy,I'm aware) Imagine instead of bringing you into a room with a mental health professional or a pastor and have someone tell you your childs remains have been found; instead they take you into a room under another premiss and have the t.v. on so you can see footage of them finding her body, just so they can videotape your reaction so they can use it against you at your trial. If you were innocent, how cruel would that be...and thats what they did by their on admission. Disgraceful.

1064 days ago


Shocking reaction? are you kidding me? is all lies she know where the body was ,she knows someday the body will be found...this is not the right words "shocking reaction" she is a killer she killed her daughter ! she is a liar until she dies!the reaction was"Oh man they found this kid now I am in trouble'! that was her reaction!

1064 days ago


Unfortunately the jurors on the Casey Anthony trial were as stupid as the jurors on the O.J. Simpson trial. It's amazing how the prosecutor in both cases could have picked a jury that had zero common sense.

1064 days ago


ok, this video shows nothing!!!!! There is not even volume. How do you know what it is she is watching? Because you tell us? I am sorry, but this is such a bull*hit video and story. I don't even click on TMZ videos often because I do hate how you people just like to plug your S*it, and those commercials you people put us though are enough, but decided to see this Casey video, and once again, there is NOTHING to go on or speculate on. None story in my opinion.

1064 days ago


She knew she was busted.
Does it really matter any more?
I don't think people can hate this woman any more than they already do. Just another piece of evidence showing how guilty she was. How is "bella vita" working out for you now?

1064 days ago



1064 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

What up all you emotionally illiterate, Nancy Disgrace following, irrational, rode wet, mental midgets?

FYI, Casey was found NOT GUILTY so beat it folks!

1064 days ago


Why we have to hear again about this monster? when is she goes away for EVERI always said the saga will continue ....

1064 days ago


She's a bad, bad mommy.

1064 days ago



1064 days ago


I think the poor quality of this tape masks how dramatic her reaction was. If you look closely you can see her hyperventilate. Now given the report only says child's remains, her brain wouldnt process that info that quickly And per her ridiculouss defense we are to beleive she already kndw Caylee drowned just didnt give a sh*t what her father did with her body. Doh! The evidence about her car imo always proved imo that she and she alone killed and disposed of her child. But I guess this jury will always rank as the laziest and dumbest bunch that were ever let loose in a court room.

1064 days ago


As much as I feel Casey was guilty as hell of killing her daughter, that video proves absolutely nothing. After hearing the hype about it all day, and now seeing it, all I see is an upset woman. The people that believe she is guilty, can see she is distraught for her own self that the remains were found and the jig is up, and those that don't feel she was guilty, can see a distraught mother that the remains of her daughter were found. Sorry, but a lot of hype for proves nothing

1064 days ago


not guilty get over it *******

1064 days ago
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