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Walter Payton's Agent

Sweetness WAS NOT Hooked

On Drugs

10/1/2011 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bud Holmes, longtime agent of NFL legend Walter Payton, says his comments in the new book about Payton were taken out of context ... and that the man known as Sweetness was not a drug addict.

In a soon-to-be published book entitled "Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton," author Jeff Pearlman claims sources told him Payton took a cocktail of Tylenol and Vicodin and kept tanks of nitrous oxide in his garage. He also alleged Payton was suicidal.

In excerpts that were released this week, Holmes is quoted as saying, "Walter was pounding his body with medication."

But Holmes tells TMZ, “[Payton] was not hooked on drugs. He wasn’t an addict. He didn’t abuse drugs or use illegal drugs."

Holmes insists he never meant to imply that Payton abused pain medication and was simply talking about pills that "were only used to alleviate the aches and pains he got from playing the game we watch on Sundays."

Holmes says he never knew Payton to use nitrous oxide, Vicodin or Ritalin, as the book claims.

Pearlman had no comment. Calls to Sports Illustrated were not returned.

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No Avatar


Aren't there enough living people going "off the rails"?
Now we have to dig up the past and destroy the future for Walter Payton's family?

1118 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

Who the f*ck cares???

1118 days ago


I grew up watching Sweetness - he and the Bears gave me some of my most fondest memories. Going the Church and then settling in for a Bears game. May he always R.I.P. - he was the antithesis of what players are now - kind, humble and an all-around amazing man.

1118 days ago


Abusing Tylenol will screw up your liver, coulda been what messed up his liver?

1118 days ago


The Bears played on a awful artificial turf field that was like playing on concrete so of course he took some pain pills. Dave Duerson a safety from those days committed suicide from all the concussions he took so if Payton was a little erratic maybe that was the cause.

1118 days ago


The book also had many favorable things to say about Walter, why can't he write about the bad things, what is wrong with that, do we have to hide the truth now?

1118 days ago

Throwback kid    

This may be a surprise to some people, but when you retire from the NFL, you do not go and just enjoy the rest of your life like football never happened. If you play over 10 years(Walter played 13) your body will remind you of it every day. As you get in to your mid 40's pain is with you almost every day. Despite never having a serious knee injury you wonder how your knees became arthritic? A doctor may prescribe some pain pills to help you manage it, the next thing you know you have a dependence on them. You go from being the big man on your college campus and an NFL star to being a depressed middle aged man who misses the cheering, it's not pretty.

1118 days ago


If you guys had a brain you would know that in the United States all Vicodin is sold with Tylenol (acetophetimin) in it. It is put in with the Vicodin in order to disuade people from abusing the Vicodins, since it is a know fact that too much acetophetimin is damaging to your liver. Our drug agencys at their best! Ha..you can see how good it is working. However, it is a valid medicine for many types of pain. It can be used correctly with no bad side effects. I know, I use it because I am unable to take aspirin or ibuprofen at all because of multiple intestinal bleeds requiring transfusions.

1118 days ago


Chicagoans almost killed Steve Bartman (the kid who kept Moises Alou from catching the foul ball in the playoffs) and started a downslide 5 outs away from the World Series.. and he was a nobody. This guy is basically defecating on Chicago's most loved icon's grave 12 years after his death? Good luck ever walking down the streets in Chi-town buddy.

1118 days ago

Eric Anderson    

Walter Peyton is de-balled living in Tucson and is suffering from ill health due to his surgery! After the Doc convinced Walter to succomb to the operation the Doc also took two of his teeth away~! Crazy, when on the football field he was difficult to tackle and throw down in to the playing field! What a joke, at the dollar movies his son dressed in a leather jacket, sucker punched me in the jaw after asking him if he could spare a nickel, I then threw him into two walls, the womens room and the mens room and detained him till he was almost dismantled! What a fool, his family is cracked in the head! What a foolish bunch!

1118 days ago


Walter obviously cannot defend himself from these rumors.........waiting for the book signings in Chicago..the author could be hurt!!!!

1118 days ago


Not only will Most people never have the kind of grace and dignity exhibited by Walter Payton; sadder still most can't Imagine it.

1118 days ago


The man is dead. Leave him alone and let him rest in peace!

1118 days ago


Peyton was a great player, but he was a known adulterer in creepy ways. Forcing women into the kitchens of his restaurants/bars and having all the staff leave so he can try to harass the woman in peace. All while married - and yes this happened to people I know.

1118 days ago


He had Cancer!

1117 days ago
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