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'King of Infomercials' Don Lapre

Slit Own Throat with Razor

10/5/2011 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"King of Infomercials" Don Lapre died from a self-inflicted razor blade wound to the neck, law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We're told jail guards found piles of blood-soaked clothing lining Don's bed in his Arizona jail cell. Sources say ... officials believe Don used the clothing to conceal the bleeding in order to thwart efforts to save his life.

Lapre was found dead in his cell Sunday morning. The autopsy was completed yesterday.

As we previously reported, Don's mother claims her son had been treated for severe depression after the TV pitchman was jailed in a vitamin fraud case. She also claims jail officials took away his meds, which may have played a role in his apparent suicide.


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World is a better place without this pos. he got off easy. he deserved to be prison rapped repeatedly for a year strait. hell is too good for this heartless bastard

1050 days ago

Best story so far today on tmz    

Nice headline. Do any of you slime balls have a conscience. This guy does have a family, not matter what he did. They don't deserve this kind of smarm. Harvey come one get a soul!

1050 days ago

me me    

This is very sad. It's also sad to see all the horrible comments. Are people so ready to give anonymous statements on the web that this man's life is devalued? Even if this man was rotten, his life had value. I pray that nothing of this magnitude happens to you or your family members.

1050 days ago


Suicide is terrible-I cannot even begin to imagine having the will to slit my own throat. No matter what he did, still feel bad for his family.

1050 days ago


Karma dealt us a deliciously appropriate hand. With the peaceful passing of the truly great Steve Jobs, no one but a very select few will even remember Lifeform Lapre. Oh wait; there are those 220,000-plus people he "allegedly" [sic] shafted ...

As someone else has already posted on a different site, it would be most appropriate of Lapre's obit were little more than one of those "tiny classified ads" that supposedly made him so wealthy.

Thanks, Don, for saving taxpayers thousands of dollars in legal fees. Sorry about your two kids, but from what I've read, your wife was in on your "dealings" to a certain degree, too.

1050 days ago


It's quite sad to see so many hateful comments. If you ordered a package from Don and spent 50 or more dollars and it didn't make you rich does this merit his death? You should feel empathy for his feelings and that of his family's.

I worked for Don at one point. I spoke to Don once a while. He was not a scammer or a fraud. Were his products good?? Compared to others probably not. But this doesn't make them fraudulent.

This guy (Don) would hire homeless people off the street, give them jobs.

Once an employee's house burned down and he set them up in a new home. He didn't have to do this.

One employee needed life-saving surgery that the insurance would not cover. Don paid for it. $140,000+

For Xmas he would take children from the nearest homeless shelter and let them buy all they wanted at Toys R US.

For those of you that didn't know him he was a generous and good hearted man. He greeted everyone with a genuine smile.

Granted he did not manage his business like he should have but this doesn't merit him being trashed by so many people that never knew him and didn't know the facts and ins and out of his company.

Its a shame to read so many negative comments. Just as it is a shame he didn't have the courage and strength to face his accusers.

If you knew him you'd know he was a good guy. If you didn't know him, simply out of respect for his family you should refrain from any negative comments. Afterall he is/was a son, a brother and dad.

1049 days ago


my brother and I were big fans sing late 90's. we even bought a couple 'kits'.I don't see what he did that was worse than any other 'making money' infomercials out there. Dollars for Gold? Plz. Dollar is Worthless, THESE People should be shot.

1048 days ago


My fav orite infomercial line is when Don said "Here I was, in a 1 bedroom apartment, Happy as a kite".

1048 days ago


Its obvious even to a retard that he didnt kill himself.

1048 days ago


I also remember this guy on Infomercials many years ago and I also did buy into this for about $30. I was very desperate for work and at a difficult time in my life, it briefly worked for me, I rec'd. a few hundred dollars, and 7 months later they (Lapre's) company took it back and I received notice from my bank of overdrafts. I tried to contact Lapre's company and never could reach them ever again after I had spent the initial sucker fee of $30.

I realize it is my loss,I never bought anything again from infomercials. But I did learn how to write ads in many ways. But I did not want to lie to people so this was not for me.

About his death, I really am sorry for him. Greedy yes, he should have stopped a long time ago. He did have talent for selling, but too bad he could not do something more honest. Are most salesmen/saleswomen honest? Hm-m-m. I really am sorry he took his own life, I do not know how he had the razor blade in his cell.

1047 days ago


No loss to mankind.

1043 days ago


I'm sure mommy enjoyed his stolen booty.

1043 days ago


i think im coming down with the flu......just sayin

1033 days ago


you people do not know this man at all!!!!HE WAS NOT GUILTY!!!

1031 days ago


I'm not particularly siding with Greasy Don, but... something does not make sense to me.

Q: WHY would a suicidal inmate be allowed to have a razor inside his prison cell?
Somebody knowledgeable in "corrections science" please answer me that.

RIP Greasy Don. With all of your abundant energy, I could have put you to good use in my business, buying and renovating foreclosed houses. That's where the real killing is.

1024 days ago
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