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Steve Jobs

How Influential Was He?

10/6/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Don't start calling Steve Jobs the most influential American inventor off all-time quite yet -- one expert calls in to state his case for Samuel Morse ... and explain why Jobs instead fits in the same category as Henry Ford and Thomas Edison.

Plus, Dr. Murray's defense team FINALLY pokes holes in the prosecution's case when an investigator admits she made mistakes -- and our lawyer Jason explains how ONE bad witness can throw a whole case.

Also, Kevin Smith calls in to explain why Comcast's new experiment -- charging $60 to watch an in-theater movie from the comfort of your home -- is like "using a whole fist."


(2:50) Robert Thompson -- a professor of pop culture at Syracuse University -- calls in to talk about Steve Jobs influence.
(4:15) Thompson says cars, computers and electricity would still exist without Ford, Jobs and Edison.
(7:00) Thompson's vote goes to ... Samuel Morse!
(21:50) How many bottles of drugs did MJ need?
(24:30) Jason explains how Dr. Murray's defense poked holes in the prosecution's case -- thanks to the mistakes made by an L.A. County Coroner investigator.
(25:30) The most awkward moment of the trial so far.
(38:05) Kevin Smith is on the phone! He breaks down how Comcast's new movie experiment screws movie theaters.
(42:00) Smith says charging $60 to watch a movie is like "using the whole fist."


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Sadly, the world loses its creative person

1110 days ago

Toby Weymiller    


1110 days ago

Mike W.    

Best commencement speech ever (Stanford 2005 – Look it up on Youtube). Watch it every couple of months for inspiration. Remembering him as the person he was, not for his accomplishments (iPhone, Ipad, etc.). Great man, great inspiration. “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”.

Mike W

1110 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Mr. Jobs caused computers to be usable and affordable by everyone. A HUGE talent. BUT why is Mr. Wozniak so surprised of his death? He looked terrible lately.

1110 days ago

Ghost Rider    

He w2as lucky he was born when he was born, had he been born a few years later NOBODY would even know this guys name.

1110 days ago


My 8 year old daughter knows who Steve Jobs is. Enough said.

1110 days ago

Charlie Sheen    

Steve Jobs was no Thomas Edison...

1110 days ago

nee nee    

while i think $100,000 is gross for a bottle of wine also--but it's already open so why waste it? If the person who sent it is that rich, it's his problem

1110 days ago


******TEVE JOBS!

If he wanted to improve peoples lives he would have given Americans jobs instead of the sweatshop workers in Chinese sweatshops where all your fave products are made

1110 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Wow. Listening to this ridiculous circle-jerk for someone who just used other people patents and frankensteined new products from them is pathetic. Visionary my ass.

1110 days ago


You can get movies in theater on DirectTV for $49.99 already

1110 days ago


Harvey - It was the fabulous ****ies who did "Stuck in a Pagoda with Tricia Toyota". I remember that song too.

1110 days ago


I don't wanan be the hater here, BUT...

Steve Jobs didn't invent apple. Several people did. Steve Jobs didn't sit there inventing the Iphone, Ipad etc. Apple's engineers did. And the list goes on...
It's a sad situation, but he did not do it alone. As a matter of fact, mostly he only promoted it and did not invent/create anything himself.

1110 days ago


He was a slick amrketer who was good at exposing people as mindless consumer sheep who'll buy anything wrapped in a gimmick. He did not invent the MP.3 player, everything the Ipod did the PSP and other devices did first, he did not invent touchpads, he did not invent the GUI for Macs, he didnot invent anything. He's another BIll Gates who's given way too much credit for a lot of accomplishments that are not his. His only accomplishment is proving how easy it is to make humans think of themselves as less-than-human consumers.

1110 days ago


Steve Jobs wan not the most influential person of the past any amount of years...period! He created a product many years ago. He has since been a CEO, not a developer. His company was run by many people, all deserving of credit of what was made. No matter what the vision, the devopers have to make it happen. Zune is a example of a product that was not developed right. Jobs, is not all that. He started and helped develop an extremely successful company, however, it wouldn't have happened without a bunch of chinese people..some of which comitted suicided while working in his iphone sweatshop. He has given nothing! And helped violate the privacy of many americans by having his GPS service secretly activated on all Iphones and leaving the tracking server open for whomever to be investigated. Also, a perpetuator of greed as many software companies get rich just off of PC products that are often copied..... MAC products cost 3 times a much, aren't pirated and have shorter license lifespans than thier pc counterpart. His company is poised to rake in cash off of elitist thought and people with material desires. It's funny most people whom would buy a mac would say they are against main stream, but are a victim of that same main stream thought...elitism

Steve ********s was just another man...not a god..his weakness was sex, power and money just like every other spineless executive in or women. His company made the products...not him...he just decided which direction. He did not invent the touch screen or wireless tech. The iphone e-mail push function is the weakest security any company can buy.

1110 days ago
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